Defense discussion point: Training vs Reality

So is aiming for the hips and head the right way to handle someone thats wearing armor or should you dump rounds into the armor then work your way up to the head? I was taught the hips and head technique at a carbine course but the instructor was pretty vague on why he does it thst way.

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because you have the tactical advantage, and aggression with over whelming force wins the fire fight. However your not a soldier working as a fireteam and supported by other fireteams. All these drills tend to up against paper targets or mannequins that are not fighting back or trying to shoot you in the groin,belly,chest or face. I have been part of what use to be know as NLLF training (Non-Lethal Live Fire) but they decided it was to dangerous (because it hurt and somebody whined) and went to laser sims. When you throw the unknown into the mix and having to distinguish a broom from a rifle it changes (oh and did I mention that it hurt if you got it wrong)
Most of these drills you are taught you are already predetermined as the aggressor so having to actually identify your threat and react is one less stress. Presonally for personal defense and close quarter contact being able to use two hand draw and being able to strike or shoot is better than raking your target with gunfire. .


WAAAAAYYY too many people think they’ll become an action hero under a stressful situation, not revert to their lowest level of proficiency.

Completely agree. You’ll see how far your skills drop under stress at your first match.

For people who say, “Matches are not like real life!” Well… that’s kinda the point. I don’t want to get shot at with live ammunition during real life. No single training setup will ever compare to real life stress.

But there are lots of things we can do to increase the stressers and that shot timer does a better job at inducing stress than many people realize.