Deliberate Practice, Not New Gear, is the Way to Get Better at Anything, Especially Firearms


Too many people get way to obsessed about buying new gear to get better. Or they think simply having a firearm is a magical wand that whisps away all danger. Or even worse, their pride inhibits their practice because they only practice what they’re good at and don’t ever try anything new.

Practice is the key to getting better.

Not just practice, but “deliberate practice” is the key to getting better.

The above linked article provides strategies on how to practice deliberately, which will maximize the effectiveness of the training you do take on.


This is very true, have you read this yet? I get something new out of it everytime I read it. Its pretty much the zen of shooting and really gets into the mindset part of things.


I haven’t read that one yet. I’ll add it to my cart and get to it when I work through some of my current books. Thanks for the recommendation!


I see people at the range and comp. They look like mall ninja. And they shoot like one. Having a title doesn’t make you good either. I’ve seen cops at comp shoots. You expect them to do well, well, you would be wrong. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats practice. Not a $6000 gun, not a $1000 sight, not $500 body armor, or a shiny badge. Not even $50 a box match grade ammo.


Very well said.


Most cops cant shoot , they shoot once a year at annual qualifications. It is all about practice but tailoring gear to your shooting makes shooting more efficient and enjoysble so you are bound to train more.