Democrat house candidate pepper sprays self to promote gun control


Seems intelligent and logical


Does anyone really want this crazy guy in office?

I am okay with having non-lethal defense tools available to all the teachers, but not sure if anyone could say that they are totally effective. In fact, from what I have heard, they may not even act as a deterrent to the more determined criminals. Still, better than nothing.

On the other hand, Hickok45 has been (still is?), a teacher. I would totally trust him with a gun in the classroom and am sure he could stop pretty much anyone determined to harm students and/or school staff.


Destroy the democraps and dnc by any LEGAL means.
Destroy them like they have destroyed USA towns cities counties and states.


I prefer to use the approach of getting them out of power by any legal means available.

Trying to destroy people seems a bit harsh, even though they are dangerous to our society.


I don’t wish pepper spray on anyway. It’s like being punched in the face by a fistful of wasps.


@jf89, I happen to know members of our military that can spray pepper spray on there Cheerios and laugh about it with Zero Effect!!! The guy’s an idiot he should have done his research before he made that video.


Thanks, SAK67.

Exactly my point. Some people will not be deterred by pepper spray. Then what are the good guys going to do?

At least with a gun (of sufficient caliber, the right bullets, and reasonably well-placed shot), you have a higher assurance that between shot 1 and X, the perp (criminal), will be stopped.


Pepper spray is lame. When I got sprayed it had no effect on me. I walked away. If he really wants to make an impression, he should taze himself on his junk. That I would pay to watch.


Im guessing he dosnt have any junk to taze.


That is a very good point.


I love it. These guys are a riot. IMG_8152


So :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:9mm or 45acp or fuckin pepper spray?


Yea, these guys are coo coo for cocoa puffs if you ask me.


I’ve used pepper spray for over 16 years behind the wire, and brands do count. We started with LE Bodyguard 10, and it worked OK, problem was - a guy in Florida was reportedly drenched in it then tazed and POOF! Inmate flambé. So we went to Sabre Red, with water propellant instead of flammable. Seasoning in a can. I knew a guy who would spice up his Coca Cola with a spritze of Sabre Red. Then we moved to Phantom. This stuff is the Devils’ own farts. I’ve seen guys who would lick regular OC off the face and laugh, give up immediately when we wave a fogger with Phantom. Used right, it is very effective. Now having said all that, would I recommend pepper spray in a classroom?
No. The foam systems are easily defeated with glasses or goggles, and generally aren’t as effective. The gas type delivery, (cone/spray), are more effective, BUT, gas is an AREA effect weapon - everyone is getting gassed in an enclosed room. It beats harsh language hands down, but it does nothing to the motor skills of the assailant. The individual with a firearm has complete use of his hands, and trigger finger, and while he may not be able to see very well, he can still fire random shots. At the same time, the classroom of kids is distracted from trying to get away by hacking, blinding gas and may the Good Lord Above look at you kindly if one of those kids has asthma.
It’s better than nothing, but a good firearm and the will to use it trumps OC every day of the week.
BTW, pepperball is the single most worthless “weapon” I have ever seen in my life, bar none. Just sayin’.


Democrats have labeled us as their enemy. Spread lies and propaganda like the lefturd nazis they are.
They want to destroy us by illegal means also. They want to take our rights away. They are destroying our towns, cities, states and way of life. Voting out the filth WILL destroy their corrupt life of feeding off of the law abiding taxpayer.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight correct?