Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill


100% impossible to enforce.


Unlike previous legislation, Thompson’s bill will not have an exception for the transfer of firearms between family members. It would mean even the transfer from a husband to a wife would require going through an FFL.

Yea, good luck with that one douche bag.

Thompson believes that the legislation will prevent mass shootings like that shooting that took place at Parkland Florida. Seventeen students were killed in Parkland by a deranged gunman who was able to pass a background check.

Hey look! The motherfucker told the truth! Proof it’s a people problem.

Gun rights advocates worry that universal background checks will create a national gun registry. A gun registry would make a gun confiscation more viable by creating a database of all firearms and who owns them.

No shit Sherlock.

Even if the bill somehow made it through both the House and the Senate, there is little chance that President Trump would sign it since he opposes universal background checks and there is no chance of a veto being overturned.

Yea, we shall see. I’ll never follow such a law. Utter bullshit.


A decade or two ago, the gun control advocates in Tennessee (yes, we do have some of those in Nashville) were up in arms over the news that the state legislature had repealed a ‘common sense’ gun control law.

This law didn’t go as far as Universal Background Checks. It only applied to handguns, and rather than require processing private transfers of handguns through a licensed dealer, it only required the seller to pick up the phone, call the local police department, and notify them that they had just sold a handgun to John Smith (or whatever name the buyer gave).

The reason the state legislature repealed this important bit of ‘common sense’ law? In all the years that law had been on the books, not one single person in the state had EVER complied with it.


Haw, good for them. It’s gonna have to be something like that nation and statewide this time around. Just look at Boulder, no one is registering their cough “assault weapons” there. The difference though between TN then and CO now is I’m willing to bet the far-left politicians won’t let a repeal happen due to corruption. Just look at how they are now handling the voting process.


Do not be so sure on that not being able to pass… Washington State did it. If I want to hand my wife (if I had one) my pistol to shoot, I would have to have her pass a 4473… from what I have heard, it is not enforced… but the law is on the books, ready to persecute anyone while they are throwing the books at them.