Democrats Use Every Excuse to Disarm the Good Guys

Gun-free zones disarm the good guys but fail to disarm violent murderers. We saw this again in the mass murders last month, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. We see example after example as we look at the history of violent attacks. Gun-control politicians don’t care about this history of failure and the media never holds gun-control politicians to account. In fact, Democrat politicians demand more gun-control after each mass murder. Here are a few of the failures they want us to ignore.

-Snip thirteen examples- Read them at the link-

I can present more examples, but the painful pattern of failure is already too clear. Gun-control politicians want us disarmed in public. They also evade responsibility for our safety once we’re disarmed.

Mass murder is not a long-term career plan, so background checks don’t detect and disarm the murderers. The police only respond after an attack is reported. That gives the murderers several minutes to kill unopposed.

Gun-control will fail every time until we change what we’re doing. The uncomfortable fact is that we’re vulnerable. Ignoring our vulnerability gets us killed.

More of us will die until we stop pretending

that disarming the good guys
will somehow stop the bad guys.

We will be at the scene of the crime before police are called. No one else will be there to safe us. Our safety, our family’s safety, and our neighbors’ safety depend on us. We are the first-responders. It is our responsibility to stop evil for the few minutes until help arrives.

Gun-control won’t save the people we love. Will you be a defender or a victim?


Maybe we should take a lesson from the idiots in commie CT, and do a flip on what they tried to do to Remington, and sue the crap out of the people that setup these gun free zones for failure to protect us when they deliberately and with purpose remove from us our means of self defense, and willingly place us in jeopardy of our lives. Just sayin, any legal beagles out there, what do you think?




Why, IDK, but the title made me think of what words could be made from the letters in democrats

two interesting ones

Comrade: (n) a fellow member of the Communist Party

and no surprise also


career, eh, agenda?

If you’re disarming good guys then I’d guess…

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We are the growing majority of Americans that are refusing to become victims. Unlike the “flakes” we are working to safe-guard the Rights available to all and reinforced by our Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments listed as our Bill of Rights.


We need to defend the Entire Constitution.
Every last word!!!
But the flakes are loud and we need to be LOUDER.