Demographics 101


So if you’re willing please vote your gender.
Just like to know for the hell of it.

  • Female
  • Male

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California acknowledges 31 genders, wheres the other options on the poll?


I’m fine with the questions but maybe put them in a new thread. I did this one just cuz it seemed relevant to other current threads.
But I have no issues with the questions themselves


He lives in Cali though…


I may be in Ca but you know… science and all that.
I was thinking of asking what restroom everyone used. But that don’t work no more either.


I was more commenting on the mere thought of all of those ridiculous “genders”.


I would get confused and just pee on a bush.


There should be a trans gender option, we have had several here.


Well, I wasn’t aware of that. But oddly you are :thinking:
What am I to make of that?


We need more ladies involved.



Definitely this too.


Which washroom?
I am male - the whole world is my urinal


Heard you have to be careful in Cali, if you piss on a bush there might be people sleeping under it. Not so much of a worry here In Oregon ,the number of homeless is fairly low.


Yikes! I first read that as "my whole world is ‘IN’ a urinal.

That would have been the safest thing I ever heard.


No you got em. They’re just not under bushes. There up in the trees. I mean it really doesn’t rain up there as much as you think. :anguished:


Here we have ‘All Gender’ restrooms. So sit down and shut up :laughing:


Well, I like to think that I am one of the two biological sexes. Only two biological sexes, your DNA determines that you are one or the other. I like science. How you see yourself or your sexual preferences doesn’t change your sex as determined by your DNA. I also work with, socialize, and respect people of both sexes that are of different genders. Like most people, I judge them as an individual person that I either like or don’t like. I find many likeable people and many people I can’t stand in almost every racial, sexual, gender, or any other demographic group that they try to put us in.


Thank god I live in the middle of the woods I can go of my front porch!


well I know who isn’t a SJW