Deployment Pictures/videos


Anyone here prior military and want to share some stuff with our friends that never served? Here’s what driving in Kabul, Afghanistan looks like. image


Couple of favorite places in southeast asia back in the 70’s. Don’t laugh, I stayed in that place for a while and I was luckier than some.


What happens if we didn’t laugh, but softly chuckled?


Lol, the ‘good old days!’



Was that before the m16/m4 was standard issue or did the Navy use a different rifle?


I’m sorry. I don’t remember.


Well, thank you for your service, hope you are enjoying the forum!


Although not military but more First Responder… Here is an Ice Rescue Training that I went through in the USCG Aux.


And a joint training mission between the USCG Aux, MT Air National Guard and the MT Army National Guard. The F15 Pilots needed to get their Water Survival Training and the Rescue Swimmers needed to work on their water rescue while we were there for first response and security.


how was that ice bath?


Considering that I had on Fleece under my Goretex Dry Suit under my Ice Rescue suit… Pretty warm actually.


Well it looks uncomfortable


It was for those who just showed up in ODUs and put the Ice Rescue Suit on :snowman_with_snow:


Myself spending quality time on a Hadji scooter while doing quality range time in my favorite quality vacation spot, the Helmand Valley-LOL.

A little recoilless rifle training.

My buddy Rod and I sending some RPGs downrange for fun.

One of our team members putting the barrett through its paces. We were also cross training on some of the stuff we captured.

Rod’s re-up photo over there.

Overall, for all the shit we had to deal with over there it wasn’t a bad time. True brothers that always had one’s six. Something I miss now that I’m back in the “real” world.


Thats awesome, thanks for sharing. Those RPGs look like fun.

Im totally shocked that they ride motorcycles over there , I thought a “hadji scooter” was just a camel.


Very Awesome!


Motorcycles are very common there. Camels are actually a sign of wealth and quite expensive. I tried to buy one and the cost was through the roof, LOL.




I want to deploy with you.


At an undisclosed location, a long, long time ago.