Despite Strict Gun Laws, California Firearm Homicides Up 18 Percent


Hang on one darn second here, that can’t be right.



Hmmm, maybe it is the other way around, namely:

Because of Strict Gun Laws, California Firearm Homicides are Up 18 Percent”


This tickles me, they have fires, landslides, and other disastrous events yet they cannot make rules that have any impact on californ-idiots other than to shoot themselves in their foot. Thanks to Feinstein - Pelosi cabal.


Yup, and any statistic like that will help them drive more gun control.
The real reason is irrelevant, because they blame guns.


More illegals? More crime.


The far left / modern democrats will never admit to this fact. The funny thing is 100% of these undocumented / illegal intruders / border jumpers are in fact criminals. You know, because violating immigration laws is an actual crime. Something the far left will never admit.

It isn’t really about the guns in the end. It is about control. Guns just are the first step in taking the rest of our rights away. World history is absolute and these idiots don’t see the dark path we are about to head down.

Sometimes I think the nice weather, pretty scenery, and the entertainment industry clouds and blinds the regular weak-minded folks to what is actually going on around them. And the ones that do are either overshadowed or don’t participate in the process. One of the things that would be 50/50 with possibly saving some of these folks is splitting that state up. The problem with that is you’d likely end up with 2, 3 or 4 more blue liberal states as the far left lunatics would start to invade each of the spin-off states to turn them blue. It might be a bigger mess… Other than “the big one” pushing the coast in to the ocean I doubt CA can be saved. I truly believe now that CA is a complete lost cause. Just like most of the northeastern states, WI, MN and CO. Such a shame.