Dicks Sporting goods, no, DIcks crafts and collectibles maybe

Seriously DIck, end sales of modern sporting rifles, voluntarily raise the age to 21 to purchase firearms in their stores and called for more restrictive legislation. destroy the remaining modern sporting rifle inventory

Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond will share their inventroy


Age discrimination from a sporting goods store. What will they think of next.


Never been a fan of Dick’s. Back in the early 2000s I bought a .22 as a birthday present for my son. Pain in the arse dealing with them and had to get the manager involved. After that I never purchased another firearm from them. They really never have been all that friendly towards firearms ownership and have struck me as a more of a golf and running store more than anything else.


I’m pretty much done shopping there–not that I was much of a fan to begin with. I think their business model is bad and clearly I do not agree with their politics. This also screams of trying to ride the PR train which makes me respect them even less.


But they have no problem still selling the ammo that is used in these so called assault rifles.


I’ve never been a fan of Dickless Sporting Good either. Over priced on everything. Especially on guns and shoes. Shopped around there several time cuz they were close. Never bought anything.


I think you all are on the same track as most people - that regardless of whether we had shopped for our guns and/or ammo there, we are unlikely to do so in the future because of their recent actions and words.

I still can’t believe they are really going to destroy all those AR15’s - that is just insane. Donating them to the police would make much more sense.

Well, they won’t be getting any (more) of my money, either.


Ive never liked Bag of Dicks sporting goods. If they want to be leftist anti gun PR sheep then let them. I buy most my guns off buds guns shop anyways.


I go out on Buds’ website almost daily, but have never bought from them. I use their ratings and comments from prior buyers to help me learn about the actual use of various guns. Then, whenever I am thinking about buying a gun, I use those comments to help me decide whether to actually buy the gun, or not.

So, I guess you are one of their satisfied shoppers?

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Ive ordered 4 or 5 guns and never had issues.


That’s good to hear. One of my favorite youtube gun guys is Hickok45, and he frequently recommends Buds, though that is at least in part because they help him out (loan him guns to review, etc).

However, I also see in many buyers’ comments that sometimes guns come with noticeable imperfections. From what I understand, Buds does not inspect the (new) guns they sell. So, if the gun came to them with problems, Buds would not know it. Thus, your local gun store (LGS), does offer one advantage over Buds. Still, the buyer has the right to refuse the gun due to its condition, so still viable (obviously).

Ive never had that issue.

glad to hear that, jf89.

Have you ever participated in their penny auctions? How did that work out for you? Was the final price to you really as cheap (often just a few dollars), as it looks on the website, or are there other costs that make the final cost more normal?

Ive never done any of that.


ok, well someday I might give it a try.


Vote with dollars!vote with feet! Dickless is right!
I think its fing outrageous!one very famous burger joint in seattle
Is called dicks and they can eat a bag!

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Stock Drops On Unexpectedly Lower Same Store Sales – Guns Blamed http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/08/daniel-zimmerman/dicks-sporting-goods-stock-drops-on-unexpectedly-lower-same-store-sales-guns-blamed/


Lol :+1:


Cause and effect. Who would’ve thought???


Cause they betrayed the Nation effects their demise