Dicks Sporting Goods - sales suffer


So, they punish gun owners and suffer the consequences?

Praise God!


And fu*k Toms shoes.


Remember every dollar you spend is a vote.
Vote your rights!


This cannot be repeated enough!!!


Why do the retailers like Toms/dicks fail to realize we are all responsible for our actions, them included. Their political move was designed like the Clinton’s politics and Obama wanting to blame others for a poor move. Once you step in “it”, it tends to stink right along behind them.


Those brilliant sales executives really stepped on their own dicks.


My ex worked at Dick’s…she has tried to Stab and run me over NUMEROUS times.


Do tell more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ha ha ha! I might be the only person here that gets this.

Honesty it’s the best policy!