Did a little research on deaths and such in order to have a rebuttal for an argument online

So, here’s what I came up with. Please feel free to comment and or provide more accurate information.

In 2017 there were a total of 37,133 deaths in auto crashes according to Madd.org. 10,874 of which were caused by drunk driving. The CDC’s numbers are actually higher FYI.


Now lets see the murders in 2017.

In 2017 there were 15,129 total murder (doesn’t include suicide) victims. Of that 10,982 were from all firearm categories, and to dig deeper, 403 from rifles (which doesn’t even break it down by TYPE of rifle). So count on that being less for AR-15 specific incidents. And this data includes the Vegas incident.


Of the 2,813,503 total deaths in the US in the 2017 calendar year 47,173 of those were suicides and of those 23,854 were with a firearm. So suicides by firearm more than double that of ALL MURDERS by firearm. And absolutely tower over the amount of murders by rifle, it isn’t even close.


So you see with leftist anti-2A idiots the facts don’t support their “gun violence” arguments. When we get down to it we should be focusing on helping the mentally unstable/mentally ill with the help they need (their firearms/property stays with the family), get tougher on preventing alcohol / intoxication related deaths and absolutely pay close attention to those who may be a potential suicide victim. Gun control should be the last damn thing to worry about right now, we have too many other categories of death to try and resolve first. And I didn’t even get in to some of the other causes of death that absolutely dwarf death by firearm.



Thanks for the facts and the statistics to back them up. Always great to have good info on hand, especially when interacting with the anti-gunners.


Its not an argument, its a plan to disarm.

But if you cant argue the downside of gun control with people then how do you explain slave control…?


I agree. Opiate-related deaths would be one of them.


Yup, that is one I was alluding to. :+1:


The earliest known U.S. school mass shooting was in 1764. A teacher and 10 students were shot dead by four Lenape American Indians in Greencastle, PA. Mass killings and school mass killings in this country and others is nothing new.


The only difference is 24/7 global news, social media, and the internet.


Are the non suicide deaths by gun actually murders or are there any police involved shootings included in that number?


And it seems I read somewhere (probably here) that a large number of gang on gang deaths were included.


Hope you dont mind I copy and pasted this in another forum. I didnt link it though ,the guy im arguing with is a hardcore troll and likes to sock puppet really bad shit. He would be significantly worse than miso or the nazis even


No problem at all. The links to the sources in my post speak for themselves. :cowboy_hat_face:


Hmmm, something else to ponder.

Take note of the fact that there are ~330 million people DOCUMENTED in the United States with a likely ~10+ million UNDOCUMENTED and another 20~40 million legal immigrants and illegal aliens on top of that. That’s a lot of people to consider when the tiny amount of murders committed by firearms is so microscopic by comparison. So for the sake of argument lets just say a nice round number of 350 million persons currently inside the United States borders. After taking all of the other non-firearm murders subtracted from the total murders that number in 2017 was 6,835 persons murdered by all types of firearms as presented by the FBI’s crime statistics I cite above. If my math is right (probably not?) that means you have a 0.001952% chance to be murdered by a firearm used by a bad person. That doesn’t even consider that most of those aren’t even public murder events so that’s likely a number so small a calculator may not spit it out.

This my fellow patriots is what lunacy we have to deal with. (Mostly) the left is constantly saying you have a higher rate of being shot in the US than other countries or something like the United States has the highest murder rate or murder rate per capita. First these notions are complete and utter fabricated garbage and second the “per capita” thing is used as a data manipulation tool. The numbers I posted in the first post and this post DO NOT LIE. These are actual factual numbers, most of which are from a law enforcement agency of the United States.

NOTE: If my math is off or I need to use another formula PLEASE post and tell me so I can edit the % above.