Did I miss the boat for VEPR's?

My next rifle will be a VEPR chambered in … no surprise 7.62x54R. For grins I went and looked at prices and, yea, they’ve gone up since I looked last year and everyone (online dealers) are also out of stock.

Am I at the mercy of GunBroker or getting lucky at a local shop?

I catch quite a few VEPRs on Classic Firearms. They seem to sell out quickly, but they have restocked a few times over the last month. Have you tried them?

If you get a hold of one don’t shoot it. There’s not many 54r VEPERs in the states

Haven’t fired one yet but would love to. I’ve noticed they sell out quick…

That’s half the reason why I want one, is to fire it. :slight_smile:

My understanding from reading online sources (truth unknown) is that with the purchase of the manufacturer by Kalashnikov Concern, the Russian ban now covers ALL VEPRs. I have the 23 inch in Winchester 308 with modifications (Russian military muzzle break, Aluminum hand guard, and a Galil style folding stock). It’s my long range rifle and it shoots the lead out of targets. I have owned it since 2014 and noticed that the price online, when you can find it has doubled, almost tripled in cost.

That’s sucks. Guess the prices will start to skyrocket now.

They are still or there in the secondary market for a outrageous price
They are very fun to shoot and are impressive to people at the range but there not tax drivers even using the best match ammo
Fortunately 54r has risen in price as well
They used to give that shit away

I know. I’ve been looking for one forever. I spent hours searching pages and pages of firearms sites and they are all gone and relegated to gunbroker. Now that I have money I cannot find one at a reasonable price either. I’m SUPER bummed. So I’ll have to settle for a cartridge that’s not 7.62x54r. :frowning: But I’ll use that one as a shooter since it isn’t the holy grail (to me).

Vepr 308 is comparable I’ve even issen them chambered in 30 ought 6 for your shooting pleasure

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My 54r vepr iron wood stock and hand guards


Yea I knew all those other cartridges but nothing compares to the 7.62x54r for me. But I’m a biased Mosin owner. :cowboy_hat_face: The .30-06 is probably the next best thing and I’m half tempted to get that but I have to deal with classicfirearms which I’m not thrilled with.

I hate you. :wink:

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Don’t hate me cause she’s beautiful lol


She is a beauty. Man, it kills me I waited too long to get one.

If I don’t get a 1911 with it I could get the 6.5 Grendel VEPR and a 12ga VEPR at the same time.

Won’t make up for not having the 7.62x54r but it would be a good investment to have both probably.

Vepr 12 is truly a beast if you haven’t used one before I suggest it highly

What kind of 1911 are you thinking about ?


How does it do with slugs?

I’m looking at one of these two 1911s if I don’t buy both aforementioned VEPRs


P.S. The PS90 is still on my mind. Sucks when you want so much but only have limited funds. Haha

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I just sold my Izhmash Saiga for $1500…

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Was it a 9x53r?


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Was it converted ?
What did it look like ?