Did i start a "fad"?


When you hit an exercise plateau.


I can just imagine the responses…I guess it would be fine for working out at home, but I’ve already had the police show up when I was walking the track at a local park in a weight vest. Apparently, someone who lives next to the park called in a “Man in a bullet proof vest” roaming the park. The responding officers, who I know, had a good laugh over it. Needless to say, I now wear the vest UNDER a shirt when I go for a walk or climb the bleachers at the park.


Empty the pouches and use it as a diaper bag
…for when you need those fast “mag changes.”


Tactical skittle vest
tactical whole body fanny pack
tactical spare underwear pouches
you might be able to use them as tactical suspenders, research pending
if you wore it upside down you could wear one as a thong if you were really fat


65-35, and I’ll buy you dinner once a week.


That’s what I do with mine. My tac vest works as a great weight vest - and I don’t need to buy yet another thing. Just use what I already own. It’s perfectly legal for me to wear out and about, so I just wear it under a shirt to avoid the 911 calls.


Anyone ever go streaking with a chest rig on? They dont really look at the vest as much as usual.


Somebody needs to strap one of those baby backpack things to a chest rig and sell it. For the tacticool dad.


I’ve never understood the fad of tactical vests for exercise. A definitive weight vest that you can add, subtract, and customize in an easier fashion and is designed to hug the body just seems like a better idea. Granted, not everyone can afford both, I get it. I use a plate carrier because we have extra in my job and it’s a different tool to work out with. HOWEVER, i don’t get the hype over it. It’s just that, a tool. Nothing beats running faster, pulling more, or just putting more effort into your work. Sometimes I feel that people get wrapped up on the shortcuts.

As a side note, double mag pouches are great for holding beer cans.