Did Marlin firearms just get bought and closed by george soros?

…well this is interesting, and maybe true.


Trusted more than snopes?

That’s zero soo…

need more verification


I have been searching and can’t find anything that supports this at all. I guess if you see this it’s just made up.


I can’t find anything on their website about it:


And when I click on a lever action I’d like to buy, it takes me to another website to place an order. So I’m guessing it’s not true.


I could only find old news, I mean its not out of the realm of possibility. But I think even the Brawndo party sees that buying and closing companies like that just creates an unpredictable void that may end up being filled by a much more ambitious company, just my 2 cents.

Heres that old news on it though


I would be furious if this really happened!


In the long run, it could end up being a good thing for our side, if they did that.

The companies that they would most likely be able to buy up, would be the larger ones that are struggling, financially. They are likely dealing with all the problems that a long established company can be saddled with - labor contracts, heavy investment in a community that no longer wants them there and imposes taxes and restrictions to hurt their business, slow to respond to changes in the market, due to management structure (too many chiefs), outdated tooling that would be expensive to replace…

If shutting the company down creates a void in the supply, leaving some level of demand unfulfilled, the industry will respond, either by other companies expanding, or new companies being created. A small, new company wouldn’t have to be tied down by all the excess baggage that the old, large company was struggling with. It could even be started by former employees of the old company, familiar with the designs and what patents still apply, with some ideas of how those designs could be improved and produced at a lower cost with new tooling.

The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban should have been a lesson for the anti-gun crowd, in how restricting the supply can create a boost in demand, and the market will eventually find some way to meet that demand. Whether or not they eventually learn from that lesson, remains to be seen.


Exactly, just look at how gun grab scares skyrocket sales. Our gun sale numbers would probably be the one thing that would impress the founders of this country. We probably sell more guns to civilians than any two other countries combined…which is awesome