Did pelosi really just say this?


I try to keep politics to a minimum but this shit is shit.



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Yep… crazy…
Hope this hits the reset button. Hahahhaha
People think I am nuts for saying that. But I do not see any alternative. Do you?


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Needs to be front ******** page


I dunno some forums can be so hostel, not here! Love this one!


Scary times…


This dosnt surprise me. Hell, our “pro gun” potus talked about taking everyone’s guns then giving them back to those who should have them. Politicians piss me off, sometimes.


how’d you get off so easy as to be pissed at them only sometimes?


But, but, but. I have a thin blue line sticker on my car. I’m good to go.


And so it go’s, so long as its someone else we’re all good


Geez…I wonder if Ms. Pelosi would like to lead the way by being the first to knock on a door and politely ask for their guns? Being a national emergency and all…


Didn’t they get a Federal Court ruling that the government cannot just go around and confiscate guns because there is an emergency, after the government did that during the Katrina aftermath?


If any President had the balls to declare a national emergency to confiscate guns, it would be a self-fulfilling declaration.


She’s 3rd in line to that position and I see no doubts looking at her that she’d do just that.


How do you think the supreme court would react to that?


Come and take 'em mother fucker. (directed at Pelosi)


I was thinking the exact same thing.


That’s about all we have going for us. Guns are a Right. None of this border stuff is.
I think Trump’s action on the border will get tied up in court and die. It’s just a way for him to say he tried.

So if this dies in the courts with no constitutional backing any gun emergency will die there as well via the 2A.

Disclaimer: Still trying to be an optimist. Probably not gonna go that way. The time for compliance is over.


This is both correct and the most likely scenario. To the eyes of all of us he tried (though too late, but better late then never). I still think it is a win because we are still getting money for some part of the barrier, because after all some is better than none.

Now, if the democrats really REALLY want to push this gun control / confiscation thing I really hope they understand there are millions of people ready to fulfill the reason the 2A exists. It would quite literally be the exact reason why the 2A exists.


LOL, in what amount of time and what damage in the interim?