DigiTrigger, the first any only digital assist trigger


This trigger is the only digital assist trigger for the civilian market. Not only does it operate in a 1# digital pull, but also has the option of echo fire.


BATFE ban in, 3…2…1…


Yeah - I’m wondering how they got this through.

I thought electronic triggers were a very hard no.

I’m intrigued…


The law stats one action of the finger per round fired. Finger pull 1 action. Finger release, 1 round fired 2nd action of finger.
Just like the fostech or franklin armory trigger.


Franklin armory?


That’s it. I will correct myself.


Have bought 4 so easy catch for me :sunglasses:


About triggers in general.

But as I understood it, electronic triggers were outlawed because people could rewrite software to make it full auto. It didn’t matter if they only were semi auto - the ATF didn’t want us to easily convert it to full auto.


1 changing the soft ware would be as illegal as any modifications to make a semi a full auto.

2 sure am glad it’s hard to convert/ make parts to make a full auto.

Case and point a piece of sheet metal called the lightning link!


Yes, but so would modifying open bolt guns to be full auto and the ATF outlawed open bolt guns anyways.

Remember, it’s the ATF we’re talking about.

Yup. I’ve seen those.

But still.


You’re trying to use logic.

This isn’t logical - this is the ATF.


You can still build vz-24. The ATF will let you have a gun that fires from an open bolt.
You can’t make a vz-24 shoot from a closed bolt. No firing pin. Just a cone in the middle of the bolt.


There’s always exceptions - but they’re the rare exception, not the rule.

My point still stands.


Yes it does. I’m just letting you know. Not trying to argue.


uh :thinking: ummm



Good catch I should have been more specific it is a CZ Sa vz-23,24,25,26
They all operate in the same capacity.
I should have been more clear. Sorry Robert.
Here is some more info.


where o where can I get my paws on what of those sweet sweet sweetnesses


Unfortunately at the moment you have to build one. Unless you can find one for sale!
They are pretty cool!


sorry, what?

Thats not unfortunate so long as I can find build parts…if not then you can play the unfortunate card

makes me kick myself for selling the Beretta M12 kit I had


Yeah I would kick you too!