Ding! Ding! Let's Fight!

What a Fighter!


So to be clear, the criminal act she’s charged of is making the falsified registrations public, exposing a fraud?

Guess she should have used wikileaks :man_shrugging:


The 2nd absurdity is its public evidence in her lawsuit :laughing:


Wish Wyoming would do it too…


I doubt it can stand, people have freedom to contract.


Yet we outlaw riding with no seat belts?

Strangely assisted suicide is illegal?

You cannot contract for death. Yet murder is still legal if you haven’t sucked air yet…

Unfortunately you are probably correct though.


oh yeah, lobbyists from the insurance companies have done a great deal to ensure they make money, try riding without a helmet in a helmet law state, lots of fun I tell you :wink:

But not impossible either :no_mouth:


With all the clot shot lunatics on the roads -
My friends - Please wear a helmet. I learned the hard way with a bottle cap helmet that are not worth much either.
Your choice or not, but ask a 1st responder how your odds of survival are w/o one.


Had a couple notable snowmobile flips where I was grateful to have been wearing one, quite quick how bottom sides up


Wonder what this fighter is going to do next…




Been doing it for years. The goberment can make you do thing to protect others. NO where does it say they can protect you. Thats your job.

They forced us to wear buckets as of July 86. My half skid lid has a build date of Nov 86.
Still wearing it, and my head has not hit anything yet.
Live dangerously of be boring.


I pray it never does too. I was 100% in the right - still 2 weeks in the ICU 1 circling the drain. I was wearing DOT approved HD brand 1/2 helmet.
One of our extended riding group was 100% in the right 3 weeks ago.

He was a 1/2 helmet guy.

Freedom to choose is a beautiful thing. I had a “helmet Laws suck” sticker on my HD 1/2 too. Which was highly pointed out in court when I sued the ass that hit me.
After being FUBAR’ed and 30+ years scraping the main Highways of NJ for FD… I chose wear a full now but still always ask PLEASE when suggesting a helmet.


I just listened to the whole video. This is more common than people think.

Here is my viewpoint on these types of attacks.
When you finally hit the nail on the head with a perfect strike all hell breaks loose.
He exposed the true nature of the pharmaceutical industry with a death blow. This is full verification that this is what Pfizer was really doing.

If someone ever got verification and authentic evidence all hell breaks loose. That door cannot be closed. However, those that exposed it can be delt with. It is a waste of a good attack to just wack an authentic news bringer or truth bringer. It is always better to tarnish them in some way. He is handling it properly. He can easily rebuild and get ALL of those donors away from the old organization. He didn’t deny. He brought documented facts. Those board members f@cked up. They used a tactic that is old and no longer works. There’s a fight right there.


This fighter is finally fighting back and on the offensive. More of the DOJ & FBI’s victims need to do the same. Godspeed General!


Is that correct?

“People don’t trust the FBI because of this case.

“This is a timely, precise, and important filing for all Americans.

“This level of corruption and undermining of our rule of law cannot stand.

What can we expect, dismantling the FBI?

  1. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.


So who wins there?

And what becomes of a government sued into bankruptcy?

This “win” would be big, but the precedent even bigger, does no one see this as a design?

How many of those 45 items are unfulfilled, how far are we from number eleven?

  1. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces.

Your full face bucket was NEVER designed for street use they are racing helmets and they come with air filled neck collars where street riding DO NOT use the collars and snap their necks like twigs, just ask Earnhardt or Hannover. Both died because their necks snapped up the weight of the helmet.

Going to tell you a story that still pisses me off from the 80s.

4 motorcyclist were killed on the road to Mt Rainer. They were hit head on by a school bus. two went under the bus, two went over the gaurd rail and 200ft down the hill.

The last thing the reporter said was : “And Biff they were not wearing helmets.”
99% of riders do not have the 6 decades of riding like I do. I started racing when I was 9 years old. Riding when I was 6.
Did a belly flop from a blown from tire at 135 mph at Seattle International Raceway. This was the first and last time I ever wore a full race helmet. My Bell One helmet exploded when the chin piece shattered into my face. Id raced there for years with a 3/4 helmet. I carry the scars today. That was the last time I raced.

Today I still wear the 1/2 skid lid from 1986 when the temp gets above 90. The rest of the time I wear the second lightest 3/4 helmet made, and the reason is I put a sound system in the 3/4 and it sure beats listening to the pipes at 75mpg.

BTW that dick head HD 1/2 lid is worse that a full face. Once again their is too much foam inside and it will snap your neck also.

My 1986 mentioned above has had 1/2 the foam removed so that the lid sits down on my head, down to my ears. Not a bobble head in the making mushroom helmet from the factory.

and it even has a DOT sticker on it from 1986.

The inside with half the foam gone and the 1986 build tag.

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I am acutely aware of the ‘Commie Goals’. So we should do nothing?

IMO what needs to happen is the ‘immunity’ must be revoked for government officials. If DOJ doesn’t prosecute them what else are we to do?

I hope he wins big and I hope every other victim does too. The DOJ, FBI and the ‘Intelligence’ apparatus must be overhauled. Only pain will lead to change.


I wished I didnt have to wear one but I do.
Technically speaking from a safety world those should be replaced about 5 year intervals . The plastic and foam breakdown chemically.
Now the way I ride that helmet I wear may not do anything to help if I was to have a accident.


Isn’t that how we got where we are now?

When any of us outspoken liberty minded folks do rise up we’re quickly shut down, conspiracy nuts etc, our nation is now under siege, waves of it, reminds me of the fall of Rome, tell me, do you see anything familiar in this account of the news of its fall reaching the then Emperor:

At that time they say that the Emperor Honorius in Ravenna received the message from one of the eunuchs, evidently a keeper of the poultry, that Rome had perished. And he cried out and said, ‘And yet it has just eaten from my hands!’ For he had a very large cock, Rome by name; and the eunuch comprehending his words said that it was the city of Rome which had perished at the hands of Alaric, and the emperor with a sigh of relief answered quickly: ‘But I thought that my fowl Rome had perished.’ So great, they say, was the folly with which this emperor was possessed.

Isn’t this a government of the people, and by the people?

If we hang those responsible do we not tie our own noose?

Hope you know there’s thirteen loops so you get it right, its like blaming Jews or Romans for the death of Christ, nice notion, but it falls short.

Another funny thing, Rome is reported to have fallen, the sack of The City of God attests to it, yet somehow, our entire system is all but a clone of it, as if it was wounded, but lived on, under a cloak, a secret, who knows, maybe kept by the Secretary of State, but I do warn that any new promise to hold those responsible for our current state, as in:

likely has your implied/implicit consent connecting you right to the gallows, by design, and with you shouting for it.

Acquiesce is the common term, yes, its legal.

And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.