Dirt bag shuts down VA


On Wednesday, August 8, Dysfunctional Veterans received communication from the VA Police Sacramento Division about an active investigation after a California VA Clinic was shut down for a hazmat incident. The Detective stated that a VA medical provider received a DV Dirt Bag on August 7. The Dirt Bag was considered an unknown substance and four VA employees claimed they suffered from ‘dizziness and headaches’ after being exposed to the DV Dirt Bag. This prompted a two hour evacuation of the facility while a hazmat team tested the DV Dirt Bag. The test proved that the contents of the DV Dirt Bag was… just dirt.

The detective has asked that we turn over the name of the person who purchased and sent the DIRT BAG. We responded to this inquiry and stated that our organization takes the privacy of our customers seriously and that we would only provide the purchaser’s information if we receive a subpoena.

and the request link



Ha ha ha. Take that VA. I bleeping hate them. You can’t trust them in any way. Enjoy looking stupid. You deserve it. Bleep you VA.

Edit: If you ever go to the VA and they ask you questions, always answer that you’re able to handle your own financial affairs. If you answer no, they’ll declare you as incompetent you’ll be listed in the NICS system as such.

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Anyone else here hate the VA as much as I do? Is there enough interest to start a thread? I have plenty o’ stories and deep, seething hatred for them.

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A VA clinic was closed down for two hours?
No telling how many lives were saved.