Disassembly/Reassembly Videos/Guides


Thought it would be good to have a section/thread where we can share disassembly/reassembly instructions in either pictorial or video formats.

I will start with the ones I made so far.

Egyptian FN49 Rifle

Beretta 92 FS



Heckler & Koch (HK) USP 45

Mosin Nagant M44

Nagant 1895 Revolver

1911 pistol

Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle Spike bayonet

Polish Radom P35 (Vis 35)

Ruger SR22 pistol

Sig P220 pistol

Star Model B Pistol

SVT 40 rifle

Winchester 1895 Lever Action Rifle/Musket

Colt 1917 Revolver


You’re my hero.

And not just because a Star made the cut. :wink: It does help though!


I hope this thread will serve as a one stop shop for the guides. If anyone has stuff to contribute they should post it here.


Nice series!


Damn @Mosinvirus that is just about my whole channel! That was a lot of mouse clicks and command c and command v (yes I am a Mac user).

Still love your work after all these years brother!

Sig P320

CZ75B/EAA Witness

1911 Series 70


Beretta 92/96/M9

Sig Classic (P220,P228,P229, etc.)


MAC users can’t right/left click?

Or are windows users unable to use a keyboard?



Working in my other office… the Kitchen. Don’t have the full keyboard and mouse experience right now.


Sounds as rough as a phone user has it :thinking:


It’s not bad. Here is a post on instagram that I did one morning working in the Kitchen


Great contributions! Thank you. Let’s keep them coming.


Definitely. I know that there are more Content Producers on the Forum doing these (i’ve watched their videos). Can’t wait to see what pops up in this thread next.

Thanks for starting this thread.