Disc golf?

This is the newest thing I’m nerding about, which is funny, but I do not and never have I ever sport-ed. I even track who is being sponsored on what time and making what moves when, kind of like when people are talking about all the trades going on before football season, haha.

Been surprised lately about some of the other people I run into that play, so I figured I’d be a “conversation starter” and see if anyone else in the forums plays, lol.


Lost me at golf.


There’s a group in my town that plays occasionally. I’ve never tried it, but I hear it’s a blast.


I used to play when I was younger, 18 holes a day. Now it’s far to much walking and my little scooter doesn’t do as well in the grass.


Yeah What Cousin Furio said.

There is a course near us that we have played a couple of times with a regular Frisbee. It’s fun but I can’t see myself buying all the different disc in different weights and carrying it around the course.