Discuss Pros and Cons to carrying semi auto plus one


Which is why I very very rarely ever mess with my carry gun like that.

I do need to change out my carry ammo sometime soon though.


Vso says a lot of stupid shit! Youre 100% correct


I know Reid Henrichs only loads each round once, and then discards that round into a “range jar”. I think it’s a little bit much, but keeping a rotation of your ammo is a good idea in general. Every now and then I’ll shoot through my carry ammo, and buy a new box or two.


Pistol? Or rifle &pistol?


Pistol. I can’t find the video where he says it though.


I remember vso did an insult video on the small leather shoe rest patch that trap shooters use to rest their $20k unloaded break barrel shotguns on in between competition rounds. They got a crapload of negitve punches back for their insult & stupidity on that one! I never watched or took them seriously again after that one!


Thank you all for such great info. I only have two handguns so I have to use them as my carry and practice which means they get loaded and unloaded a lot. We have shot the HP rounds we carry just to know what it is like. Of course we use the FMJ for practice and didn’t really notice that much difference when shooting the HP.


Thank you for the heads up.


It isn’t a good idea to rest your firearm’s muzzle on your foot…

I’ve heard an emergency room doctor say the most common non-criminal-act firearms related injury is shotgun shooters blowing a hole in their foot.

I don’t have a problem with shotgun shooters wanting to protect the muzzle of their gun - but don’t rest the muzzle of your gun directly on your foot! It’s a terrible idea! It can, will, and does result in permanently disfigured feet.

Find a different way to protect the muzzle of your shotgun.


I can verify that it’s very possible to break an extractor by loading a pistol through the ejection port.
I done did that - the one and only time I tried it.
Ya’ can’t fool mother nature.

Topping off a mag is common practice in competition.
Might come in handy in the real world, too.
Can’t ever have too much ammo.

I’ve tested to see if chambering the same round over and over can cause the bullet to seat deeper and possibly cause pressure concerns.
Apparently if the round is chambered in a controlled, slow fashion, it’s much less likely to do so than if the round is slammed into the chamber using the slide release.


Good info. When I worked at the Trap ranges, I’ve never seen an incident though. They all used break action shotguns, which cannot be fired in the open position. however, stupid people will do stupid things.


Exactly. Even with break open actions, people can, and will, blow a hole through their foot.

There was recently a… British? I think it was British… special forces sniper on a training mission who rested his head on the muzzle of his rifle during a break on a training mission and put a magnum caliber rifle round through his head.

Things like that happen - no matter the training, no matter the type of action.

The rules of firearms safety exist for a reason.


Yup - always load your +1 round by cycling a round via the magazine.


I’ve never heard of extractors breaking like that. Do you know how it happens? I do this to my maybe 30% of the time, but usually just drop the slide on the magazine then top off.


Loading through the ejection port causes the extractor hook to pop over the cartridge rim, placing stress on the hook that it was not designed for.
At least that’s the explanation I’ve heard that seems to make the most sense.
I do know that I won’t ever be doing that again.

No doubt, how sturdy the design of the extractor must also play a part.
I’ve never broken an extractor in a 1911 doing it.
And why I tried it on something else.

A friend always loads that first round through the ejection port on his old clunky and overbuilt S&W auto without ever having a failure.
But it has a big beefy extractor like the 1911.
Looks more like a car part than something for a pistol.


I rack one, Drop and top off the mag and Bob’s your uncle. Just so my defense rounds don’t pass the expiration date, lol, I shoot a couple at the range to compare the feel and point of impact to my practice rounds. They do feel a little different to me but maybe it’s my imagination?


We’ve only been shooting less than a year so don’t have the fine tuned senses as experienced shooters. So it’s probably not your imagination


+1… If you’re going to carry, you better be cocked locked and ready to rock. The bad guy sure as hell will be. We practice drawing and shooting… if there’s not a round chambered, just carry a knife. My daughter will have your ass in 10 feet :skull_and_crossbones:


Another reason to reload your own ammo.
Then it’s possible to make practice ammo that duplicates self defense, carry ammo.
That way you’re always practicing with the exact same kind of ammo.
Just a thought.


I always top off after charging my pistol.
I definitely want every round I can get in there (my preference) I figure that one extra round may be the one I need when Murphy comes calling…after all, if I’m using my pistol, Murphy’s already significantly messed up my day.

My preferred carry rounds have a cannalured bullet, so I use that visual aid to check for setback, and replace as needed.

As for charging my pistol, always a controlled feed from the magazine. After topping off, smack the back of the slide, and smack the mag home and pull hard on it to make sure it’s seated. I learned that lesson a looooong time ago in training. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your mag drop on the floor after the first shot is fired…don’t even want to think about the consequences of that kind of failure in a gunfight. :worried: