Dishonest MidwayUSA Free Shipping Offer

I buy a lot from MidwayUSA. I usually like them but I have a gripe I’d like to vent about.

They often have an offer: purchase over $99 and you’ll get free shipping. This only applies to specific items. So far so good.

I am interested in getting a couple shop manuals and I notice they are eligible for the “FREESHIP011224” offer.

It looks like I only need to spend another $15 to get free shipping. But I need to find something that also has this “FREESHIP011224” offer.

I find this small knife.

I’m over $99 but still don’t get free shipping. One place says I need to add $32.96 before I get free shipping. Elsewhere it says I need to add $8.98. Either way it’s lying and deception to get me to buy more.

It’s like they are saying “Buy more and we’ll give you free shipping. Buy more yet. Just keep buying more and more and we promise we’ll eventually give you free shipping.” When they finally do give you free shipping, it’s not for everything you’ve bought. You still end up paying for shipping!

I know the answer is they have fine print. It’s not as simple as buying more than $99 of the eligible products to get free shipping.

I see this every time I buy from MidwayUSA. They are always telling me I’ll get free shipping if I buy more.


Your product total shows 89.97…not 99 or more ?


Yep, must be $99 before shipping and tax.


They are crooks, will not deal with them.
They have a sur charge for orders under $25.
You you pay for the items, the sur charge AND state tax even tho they are NOT in your state.
Lets not forget round up for the NRA
No thanks


I belive it was South Dakota that started the collecting sales tax from on line transactions . I did buy a few guns from Kentucky gun company before this went to the supreme court .


I deal with MidSouth shooters supply.


You’re NOT over $99. You’re only at $89.97. Seems you are not paying attention.



Randy Randy Randy

Someones already let him know he misread the shipping in his total

So why jump on him again, just to be mean, or, not paying attention?

The poor guy is already upset, and he does show where there are two conflicting statements on one page


32.96 and 8.98, so clearly somewhere something is glitchy, wouldn’t you say?