Dissipators... who loves them?

Several years ago I began a growing passion for rifles with a full length handguard and sight radius, with a stubby barrel sticking out.

First I built the stereotypical 16”er that everyone is familiar with. You’ve all seen those before, so I’ll move on.

To push myself further, I built a 14.5” Dissy. The fixed front sight was a no-go, so I modified a PRI railed gas block to attach a flip sight.

That rifle didn’t last long, and was eventually parted out and sold off.

Recently a friend asked about what kind of outlandish .300Blk I could design… what’s crazier than a 13.7” Dissy!!!

This started with a 16” barrel that I cut in my shop. It came out a lot better than I expected.

Then I located that old faux-gasblock and milled it again, but this time to accept the much larger Noveske KX5.

Then I tapped the gas hole to 10-24, and used a bolt to secure the handguard cap.

It all fit together SNUG. The only othe viable option would have been a Battle Arms Development clamp on front sight post. I figured this at least gives me the option of running with or without a front sight.


Awesome DIY work! Would you be able to explain exactly what a “dissipator” build is?


The original Dissipator was a 16” barrel with a rifle length gas system and handguard. That didn’t work out too well, due to the short dwell time and weak gas, so they made a low profile gasblock at the carbine length and used a faux gasblock at the rifle length. This allowed the efficiency of a trusted Carbine gas system with rifle length sight radius.



Heres mine:


O.G.!! I like it. Is it rifle gas? Or shorter?


Carbine gas system…great shooter!
Nice job on yours btw…really like the dissipators.