DMR picture thread!


Show them if you got them!
Come one come all to the show me Your DMR thread! Small caliber big caliber if it’s your go to DMR let’s see it!


.308 super fluted VEPR!
Topped with a 1-6 primary arms ACSS scope.


I obviously don’t have one. What is a DMR?


Designated Marksman Rifle , pretty much just a semi auto precision rifle.


DMR is just a designated marksman rifle.
Good question!


Jinks you owe me a coke!



That is next on my list!
6.5 Grendel.



Big.50 DMR! Nice!!!


I was amazed at the muzzle pressure that comes off that round. It actually hurts. Not the shooter, but anyone standing to the side.


Good to know! Thanks for the heads up TR!


I got rid of mine a few years back, the ammo disapeared so I thought it had died off. Looks like its making a comeback though.


That sucks. I hope you get one again.


For all my eastern bloc Brothers!
PSL in 7.62x54R!


Nice rifle, comrade.


Right now its my FN PS90, no really it is. I do want a .224 Valkyrie upper for the AR, that would end up being my DMR until I got a VEPR in 7.62x54R.


So how does the PSL compare to the VEPR?


Man I can’t wait for you to get one! I have passed up on some nice deals on a few and now I’m kicking myself.


The VEPR is MOA with match ammo. And 1.25-1.5 with run of the mill ammo.
The PSL is 1.5 with match, but once that barrel gets hot… wow does the group open up!