DMR picture thread!

Thank you sir!


Don’t need anything caliber wise to large around here in my neck of the woods.


Beautiful Yugo Brother!


I have added a bipod and a muzzle brake also…My custom built AR-15, DEZ Arms match grade barrel that is sub MOA with my hand loads. Best shot to date 550 yards on a prairie dog. AR-Optics 3-9x40 scope




Mossberg 5.56, 20" free floated barrel, tapco grip/trigger guard, cmc trigger, Nikon m223 bdc 600 3-12×44mm scope, Blackhawk 1" rings with rail to mount the Bushnell first strike auto brightening reflex sight, BCM gun fighter charge handle, Troy sling, & Harris 24"bipod. Bdc good out to 600 yds & have taken ground hogs @ 600. Very accurate & reliable.


Only have one now (since converting my M1A back to its original configuration).

Right after I built it.

One of our squad shots from a PRS DMR shoot.

Fresh after its initial paint job.

Liberty range at PNTC. Day 2 of a DMR match. Targets ranged between 425 to 670 yards.

Usual load out for one of the matches.

Some informal practice time, uphill hitting a 4 inch plate at 225.

My M1A when I still had it set up as a DMR. If I remember properly this was at 125 yards shooting from kneeling and sitting. Really liked that set up for awhile but heavy as hell and tuning a M1A for accuracy can really turn into a money pit. But it did bring back some good memories of Afghanistan.

Careful going the precision rifle route. It’s very addicting.

For those wondering about components, here’s the list. It’s a bit expensive.

BCM upper receiver and BCG
Aero Precision lower
BCM mod 3B charging handle
A-1 length buttstock, A-2 style butt plate
BCM rifle buffer and buffer spring
WOA SPR profile SS 18 inch barrel, 1/7 twist
BCM rifle length gas tube
Ops Inc brake and collar
Geissele LPK and G2S trigger
Military surplus A-1 pistol grip
PRI Gen III round forearm
PRI Gen III PEQ top rail
PRI G2 gas block with flip up sight
ARMS 40L rear sight
ARMS 22M 30mm scope rings
SWFA SS 10X mil-dot
ARMS Harris bipod adapter
Harris bipod
Military 2 point adjustable DMR/PR sling
Original military 20 round magazine I’ve had since my first issue M16, LOL.


My favorite dmr
And it’s silent too


Great setup!


Considering it’s concealable size, did you register with tha ATF?:joy:


I thought DMRs used full powered rounds like .308 and SPRs were the lighter rounds like 5.56?


My bad for kind of stsrting another thread on a similar topic. I didnt know we grouped 5.56 rifles in with DMR, I appreciate all the help in thst thread though.


The MK12 series is a military DMR. yes the original term was SPR (Special Purpose Receiver, later coined as Special Purpose Rifle) but the role is what we consider for the designated marksman. SOCOM issued these in various configurations (mod 0, mod 1, mod H) and some made it down to regular units.

Military 5.56 in 77 grain OTM was developed to provide a round that would range past the traditional expected effective ranges of regular issue 5.56 (62 and 55 grain) while proving better accuracy and better terminal performance.

I had the opportunity to use a M14 my first Afghan tour and while I liked the better punch at longer ranges over our 5.56 green tip, even with optics it was still a 3-4 MOA rifle. M-80 ball was the standard issue round and precision accurate it is not. Not to mention our M14s are pretty well worn.

Supporting a couple of ODAs during my times deployed gave me the opportunity to get my hands on a real MK12 for some range time. Hands down a better platform that the M14s we had.

My last tour in Iraq I used a issue M4 with optics and 77 OTM in a DMR role for the team I led. Performed quite well out to 400-450 meters with only sixteen inch barrel.

Folks need to remember that a DM with a DMR is not a sniper. The whole role of a DMR is to cover those intermediate ranges and when the need arises provide heavy volumes of fire in close engagements. For the MK12 that of course meant a ruined barrel once the fun switch was flipped (many MK12s had the full auto feature as they were built on A-1 lowers) but a ruined barrel is better than being dead, LOL.

Hope that clarifies this. Don’t get overly wrapped up in the caliber.



Good to know, thanks for clearing that up. :+1:


Common guys and gals show off your DMR rifles!

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Wow, some beautiful weapons, here’s my pea shooter😁


Okay I’ll play too:

My Stag Arms 5.56 with RRA 2 stage competition trigger, YHM freefloat, Spikes H2 buffer, Nikon P223 3x scope and P series mount, Ruger/Troy buis, and Magpul furniture.

(Should be DPR in my case though…since this is another “Designated Predator Rifle” )

Currently working on a 300 Blackout build to add into this role as well. (Going to base it on running the supersonic Barnes 110 TSX)


Believe it or not I don’t have a pea shooter like that, but I want one!
How do you like the Magpul stock?

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It fits me perfectly and comes with length of pull and comb adjustments. Price is good too.


Good to know, thank you Brother I was wondering about that!

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