DMR picture thread!


For all my 5.56x45 guys and gals!
POF P-415, 1-6 ACSS scope, atlas bipod.


Thanks brother, me either. I do not regret buying the PS90 over it first. It’ll have to wait until the baby is at a decent place in a year or two before I think about dropping $1500+ on a VEPR in 54R.


Dude, a little off topic but damn did my Mosin suffer after the barrel was hot today. The good news is no cosmoline oozed out of the stock. :slight_smile:


The stork is coming in like 4 months I want to say?


Close! 4.5. Possibly the end of Feb.


Oh that’s just Awesome Brother I cant wait for that ether!




For the LR-.308 guys!
DPMS 2004 model year LR-308, Nikon 4-16x42 with 800yard BDC scope.


Wow. Now that is an awesome AR.


Second one I bought!
It’s a “ big fish story” gun, with one witness.
A friend and I went shooting after I broke this in on a 200 round period that DPMS had recommend.
We loaded 3rounds of 4 different company’s ammo. Hornady, Winchester, Remington, and mil-surp. At 100 yards there was 1 hole after all the shots. A 1” hole. My buddy was shocked. He grabbed the rifle and did the exact same thing.
Unbelievable I know. And since that day the groups have been great, but not as good as that one day.


@switchpod, I like your POF do you use the Garmin in the ACS.


I’m not sure what you mean Brother?
I’m a little tired an not to sharp at the moment.


@switchpod, I have a Magpul ACS stock it holds a Garmin GPS unit looks just like what you have on the POF.


Oh got it.
No just some cr123 batters. The rifle had a flash light, but do I really need one on a DMR?
The sure fire that was on the POF got put on the rifle built in the MK18 MOD0 build thread.


@switchpod, I think I’ll start calling you Santa you have all the toys👍


That things awesome! Thats what I picture when someone says DMR


The vepr is more efficient if you ask me
Less flex and is easier to become a better shooter
The 54r vepr is designed to have a better barrel harmonics

The psl is basically a oversized akm that shoots a big ass bullet
It’s starts stringing almost immediately when at normal barrel length once it’s hot forget about it
I went to 19 inch barrel in my psl and it has helped immensely with accuracy and barrel whip
But the vepr is just plain better


She gets the job done well


Oversized RPK.


Yes I agree with this
A lot of people think the psl is equal to svd
How wrong they really are