DMR picture thread!


Okay I’ll play too:

My Stag Arms 5.56 with RRA 2 stage competition trigger, YHM freefloat, Spikes H2 buffer, Nikon P223 3x scope and P series mount, Ruger/Troy buis, and Magpul furniture.

(Should be DPR in my case though…since this is another “Designated Predator Rifle” )

Currently working on a 300 Blackout build to add into this role as well. (Going to base it on running the supersonic Barnes 110 TSX)


Believe it or not I don’t have a pea shooter like that, but I want one!
How do you like the Magpul stock?


It fits me perfectly and comes with length of pull and comb adjustments. Price is good too.


Good to know, thank you Brother I was wondering about that!


My pleasure!



Well somebody has good taste in firearms :+1:




Thats such a rich color :+1: