DMR picture thread!


This has been a really smooth show of hardware and eye-candy from the top. All you folks show a tremendous amount of skill to be proud of.

Me? I’m sort of the double M-2 type of guy, it works.


Yes it does! Even Marine Sniper Gunnery Sargent Carlos Hathcock would agree the M2 makes fine Hamburgers.


Simo Häyhä proved that the M/28-30 does a good job of turning Russians into lawn ornaments. I dont own a mosin right now but because of him ,I think it goes down as one of the coolest rifles ever made.


The time is now @jf89 they are not getting any cheaper!


I dont even know the first thing about selecting a Mosin. Lol


Decided to see how light I could go without skeletonizing a DMR. Good to 300 Yards or so. Muzzle break from hell so follow up’s are easy.


Don’t worry Joe nether did the Russian.


Lol :+1:


(Insert Russian accent).
Don’t worry…In mother Russia, you don’t shoot Mosin…Mosin shoots you! :joy:


If your serious about selecting a Mosin I would be HAPPY to help.