Do guns reflect the owners personality?


They say dogs and owners look alike, but does the gun you choose reflect your personality?


If so I want one of these


I believe it can say something about your personality. If you DONT BELIEVE IN OWNING A GUN, it says your a fuc@$ng loser!


So, I own mostly mil surps and old stuff. So…yea I suppose it does reflect my personality. :cowboy_hat_face:



And what do I like about Dans videos?

He never concededly safety checks and then points out safety checking his guns.

No, he wields, draws, holsters, shrinks, hides, and does all sorts of Group W bench fun things

Here he is pointing out the forum link


Your comedic approach is getting better & better with each new video. Yes, I laughed more than once watching this video.

Good job! :+1:


He had a traumatic medical experience recently

thats how I got through


I think they do. I’m an old soul, and my love is older weapons.


Guess I will go shoot my Browning HP and reflect on my slightly misguided southern cousins with their striker fired handguns




In some ways I agree with this
For example in my view firearms are tools and each tool has its own job
That being said I like simple weapons no frills and gadgets to get in the way of function
But that’s me not ussualy the customer base I serve
Most customers want every bell and whistle they can throw in or on a firearm


Something wrong here. Powerful, accurate, and reasonably economical. That’s not me AT ALL.

Windham Weaponry SRC-308, Tac-Ops ambidextrous/extended charging handle, Phase 5 EBRv2 bolt release lever, field repair kit (Firing Pin; a Firing Pin Retaining Pin; .308 Bolt Cam Pin; .308 Extractor Cartridge; Extractor Pin; Extractor Spring; Extractor O-Ring; 3 Gas Rings; Hammer and Trigger Springs; Disconnector Spring; Hammer and Trigger Pins), rubber buttpad, pistol grip plug, Magpul MS3 Multi Mission sling, sling adapter, Harris S-BRM 6-9” BiPod, Harris #5 Bipod Adapter, Magpul MBUS PRO 45 degree offset flip-up sight set, Nikon M-223 XR scope mount, Nikon M-308 16X42mm Riflescope w BDC 800 reticle, Geissele SSA Trigger, scope bubble level, angle degree indicator, DPMS Miculek muzzle brake (and high-tech cheek rest). :wink:


Furniture probably more revealing. Old and tacky . . . . that’s me!


that’s cool! At least it’s not small and pink, or we’d have to talk about you behind your back


Yo that table is badass.


Mama lets me decorate the basement how I want. :nerd_face: