Do we want fewer firearms accidents..or more of them?

I want to make us safer and we might have more firearms accidents than we have today. I put that in front of you now rather than stand accused of it later. You might think that fewer guns would make us safer. The more I learn, the more I doubt that approach.

I don’t want firearms accidents to happen. Nobody should. What I want is for fewer of us to be hurt. If many of us are attacked by criminals and legal gun owners are very safe with their firearms, then more guns may mean fewer injuries overall. Which approach will save lives, more honest people with guns, or if fewer honest people go armed? Crime and medical reports give us some information.
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"The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said we had 676 children under 12 years old injured with a firearm that year. That is about two a day, and that sounds horrible to me. I kept reading and found out that only one-out-of-6000 accidents involved a firearm. Also, all the unknown causes were classified as “accidents” "

Boy, if that’s not confusing.

It makes me wonder, since we know that gun control laws don’t effect criminals and their guns, I wonder how many of these children injured with a firearm are children in the care and homes of these criminals? If gun control laws are passed to save the children who are being hurt by firearms, then once again, children who are raised in the homes of these criminals will not be any safer. Just as drug laws aren’t keeping these people from having drugs.


And as far as how many women have been saved from being raped by the use of a handgun, I think those figures will be hard to find or prove, given you can’t prove what could have happened had she not had a gun, but merely speculate. And I believe many things are unreported and if they are reported to cops, doubt they are in some sort of “woman saved by gun” database.

True story. Back when i was younger, maybe 20 years old, I left my husband and went to stay with my mother. During this time, my husband’s parents were trying to get him mental help. They took him into Houston to one of the mental health hospitals there, then later they actually admitted him into that hospital. Well, ole’ boy escaped. He had kept the visitors pass he was given the first time he went there, and once committed to the hospital, he put the visitor pass on from his first visit and walked out the door.

So his family was calling my mom’s house to warn me he was on the loose. I was getting ready to go an eye doctor appointment but had heard them leaving the messages on the answering machine. When I was pulling out of the driveway, he pulled his car in behind me to block me in. He approached my drivers side window holding a stun gun and demanding I get out and talk to him.
I pulled out a .38sp that my mother had loaned me for protection, and pointed it at him from inside the car. He backed off and left. )He was not expecting that as I had not owned a gun at this time). I went onto my eye doctor appointment.

My mother had called her answering machine from work, heard the warning messages from his family and called the police to her house. I was not home and this was before I ever had a cell phone.
Later they found my gem of a husband and discovered he had a suitcase in his car filled with negligees, ropes, and chloroform, along with the stun gun. Not sure what his intentions were after he kidnapped me, but I had been down that road before so I had an idea.
I doubt this was ever listed as woman saved by a gun in any database or that its listed as a woman protected from rape or possibly murder statisic.


I’m sorry. Thank you for telling us your experience.


Aww, no problem. But the point is I’m sure there are a lot of women out there who have used a gun or the presence of a gun to protect themselves and those are not being recorded in any statistics.

I might also note that it was another 17 years after this that I actually bought my first firearm. You would think I would have learned a little faster.


Good story. Thanks for that. Glad that the equalizer worked for you, exactly as it should.

I told my (at the time) socialist sister in law decades ago that, “You can’t rape a .38 Special.”, and she about came totally undone. I never heard such a spewing of totally illogical statements that made absolutely no sense. After we left I asked my wife if she understood any of that and she didn’t either. Today, decades later it seems the demon has left her and she’s in our court, if not a gun owner herself (I don’t inquire), but at least she “gets it”. Maybe she had a bad experience.

Yes, there are few statistics that can factually claim a reliable number of “saves” since so many go unreported. The last I read from the CDC claimed 3.5 million I think; it was for the year they stated. I’m terrible, I don’t remember the year either. Can I be more vague? Anyway, my point is that even the anti-gun CDC claimed a substantially high number of justifiable uses.


I think that firearm education is a must. I can remember in school the police would come to the school to teach kids about firearm safety, I have had firearms in my home as a kid and never an accident ! Because I was taught about firearms, they were not hidden from me, and they were loaded. I knew where they were, but I was taught to respect them, and as a child I was told by my parents that anytime I wanted to see the firearms , all I had to do was just ask.

I’m a Certified Firearms Instructor and retired Law Enforcement , I have been an instructor for years, I have taught parents, Law Enforcement, DEA, FBI, DHS, Sky Marshals, just to name a few. But the most important students I have are the Children.


The saddest think is to see is a child kill his best friend because you parents hide the guns, and don’t teach the kids properly.
How many times did your parents say for you to stay out of the drawer, closet, or room ? And what did you do when your parents were not around ???
You went into that drawer, closet or room !!!
Do you hide the Bleach? , where is your toilet bowl cleaner at ?.

EDUCATE your KIDS, Family and Friends, you taught them not to drink bleach, teach them about firearms and safety, get them hooked on FIREARMS and they will not be able to afford Drugs.

Nothing sadder than to hear on the news that little Johnny killed his best friend little Billy with a gun that the parents didn’t teach them about firearm safety. But only told them to stay out of the drawer.



I’m a certified instructor also. Before I had the $ for a safe we had our nephews and such over, not gun people at all. So I decided to “gun proof” them to make my home safe for their visit…

I prepared a gallon milk jug filled with water and dyed with red food color and set it out on my range. I gave them a gun talk about how guns kill, bullets can’t be recalled, yada, yada. Then I took them out and put a 125gr HP .357 into that jug and then it got real for them. I explained the damage it could do, and please don’t handle guns without adult supervision (that meant me). I also explained that if they wanted to handle and shoot we could do that as firearms were just a tool, yada, yada. (I did lots of yada, yada back then)

Later in the visit I had an Enfield .30/06 in the shop that I was working on. The nephews were looking at it, discussing, and not touching. So I entered the scene and true to my word (that’s important) asked them if they’d like to handle it. They did and were impressed as to the weight and such. Later in the visit they got to shoot a .22. They remember that to this day 4 decades later. They turned out OK and one is a LEO.

My point is that education is priority #1; not fear but education.


I have used my firearm in self defense multiple times and have never pulled the trigger therefore I didn’t make the evening news run by the bloodthirsty media.
Every time I tell the women I teach to use firearms on the side these stories they always respond the same way… I never understood why you do this until now. Education and sharing your stories in the MOST impactful thing you can do.


Not to detract from the plight of women in the world and that they are the more recognized victims of the two sexes.
I think something needs to be pointed out as well.
Men tend to not report when they are the victims of crime and abuse.
It is UN-Manly to admit they fell prey to another man or even worse a woman.
Society has always portrayed that the Man was the protector and the Woman the protected.
Because of this view I wonder what would be the statistics of Men using weapons to defend themselves or others and what type of stories would be presented.
How many times was a crime prevented just because the possibility a Man may be armed or is more willing to protect themselves or others?
We see more coverage in the Blamestream Media these days about LGBT groups being attacked by Billy Bob Redneck, or Neo Nazi skinhead shitheads.
And lets not leave out the BLM type groups that miraculously appears anytime a person of color is victimized even if they were the aggressor…
But I never see when someone was saved from being a victim by some other person (Man or Woman Colored or White ect) simply by them intervening in a situation.
When was the last time you saw a story about some kids who find a firearm in an alley and go find an adult to handle the situation?
All we hear is Lock Em Up (Guns).
Build the Gallows (Men).
Jail the Cop.
Castrate all the Men as they are evil.
Yada Yada Yada…

Education is severely lacking in this part of our society in that people these days have no idea how to think for themselves.
Or look beyond what is presented to them on the Boob Tube or the You Tube.
But they damn sure know how to rip out that phone and film some altercation between LE and someone.
Or film that victim of a crime while it is happening.
I was raised and educated in firearms safety.
There was always a loaded firearm in my home as a child, and I knew where it was.
As there is in my home today.
I have a few firearms locked away but that is for protection of the firearm not the family.
I have loaded and ready to use firearms as well and they are not locked away.
Those are for protection of the Family.
My family is educated in firearm safety and the consequences of them as well.
There are places in my home my children were well aware of that you do not enter with their friends and also not to discuss what guns dad has.
They were also aware their friends were not allowed in the home without permission and escort of an adult or by them.
And they were also aware that if they ever breached those rules, all hellfire and flaming stones from the sky would fall upon them.
But they also knew WHY and were educated in WHY this was so important.
That education bred Respect for others and Safety around firearms as well.
It also bred into my family that protection of others is just as important as protection of themselves.

Society today as presented by the Blamestream Media and Socialist Networking disgusts me.
I am very vocal about it and very willing to step up in defense of others if needed.
As are my children.

Educate your Family, as well as those you are in contact with daily.
Take that education a step further as well.
Engage those UN-educated around you in meaningful dialog.

Women check your Privilege; Men as well.
Accidents are non existent.
There is always something that leads up to it occurring.
And a place in that timeline where it could have been stopped cold.


Amen brother!