Do You Know About The Gun Rights Policy Conference?

The GRPC has been going on for literally decades and few know anything about it no matter their station in the community. THIS HAS TO CHANGE! Why? Because, this even is a collaboration of great second amendment minds.

This event is even MORE important going into 2020. I have plans to attend. I encourage everyone to can to attend. If you can’t, cool, I plan on covering a lot of the conference for you.

If you want to find out more about the GRPC, you can check out the website. It is put on by The Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

I am going to kick on a live stream over on the CloverTac YouTube channel from 4pm to 8pm EST today. I have reached out to industry people, activists, creators, etc and hopefully we can talk about what our plans are to utilize this event, what we expect out of this conference and what has happened in the past with the GRPC.

This is also an effort for any of the guest panelists to promote their projects and revenue streams. Many, including myself to be honest, struggle with traveling to things like this and so I want to give a platform where people can support efforts by proxy if they would like to.

As for my move on this front, I will be setting up some specials in my swag store specifically for this live stream AND will also be giving away some stuff during the live stream. So, come over, learn about the Gun Rights Policy Conference, have some fun, support some great projects and maybe win some cool stuff.