Do you like Winter?

o man, the 6.2 sounds really bad, one glow plug is likely dead, turbo pipe makes it less than fun to change, so I think its starting on 7 cylinders

there is a unsettling vibration with that and their history of harmonic balancer failures causes some :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I have 2 7.3’s and they both have different personalities in the cold, one sounds very upset to be disturbed, tons of smoke and shaking, always a :partying_face: when it starts

still, there is something very primitive about them I really enjoy

I’ve not owned a cummins so no experience to share, would like to give a 4bt a go sometime,


I always run a Cetane boost supplement (see below) and on the really cold days used a magnetic block heater on the oil pan of my old 6.2. You’d be surprised how easily the thing will start and sing with the oil even just a little warmed up. When the truck was my daily driver I’d use a timer to start the heater a few hours before I had to leave. Made a world of difference. Of course, I’d have to start the thing and eat lunch in my truck if I wanted it to start again at the end on my shift -but that’s a whole other topic. :woozy_face:

There’s probably better block heater options available if you don’t like the magnet idea and the truck isn’t equipped with a built in heater already (I bought mine in Vegas and so no such option ordered on a desert vehicle). Bottom line is get that thing Cetaned up and plugged in -you’ll never have a start issue again.

Oops, forgot the link. Here you go:


I might also add I have an '06 F350 with the dreaded 6.0 diesel nowadays. I bought it in Alabama ~8 years ago so no block heater plug. Fortunately, all 6.0’s came from the factory with the block heater installed. I just had to buy and run the cable -not to painful. It’s not my daily driver, but it still gets the Cetane boost when temps start to drop. I also plug it in for 3-4 hours before I plan to use it. It’ll start no matter what, but I just have to think that massive marching band rattle at a true cold start can’t be good for longevity of the motor.


Don’t believe they’re so dreaded, hell, even the dreaded 6.4 has potential, 6.7s are awesome, 440 from the factory

its the flippin emissions that kills them all, and they put out less than gas vehicles, and there are fewer of them


Knock on wood, my 6.0 has been outstanding. Only issue I ever had was an injector going out on a long pull through WV. Apparently the stock fuel rail pressure spring can weaken over time and slightly starve the back injector of fuel -causing the tip to get hot and melt. Replaced the one injector and upgraded the springs… haven’t had a problem since.

I am at a bit of a crossroads though. I would like to buy something a little newer, but am considering just saving some cash and doing a full rebuild of my ‘06 when the time comes -probably in 3-5 years. Best thing I got going is it’s really low mileage (not necessarily a good thing to leave a diesel sit so I drive it every weekend for a couple hours minimum). Gettin’ close to 117K:


Me, too.
Heat is better than cold, especially when you get older…
Where we used to live was not terribly cold in winter, we still moved to where the sun shines and clouds are not cloudy all day.



I don’t plan to, my last 2 new trucks were enough

I bought an 01E350 and plan to just put that money, and less of it, into converting it over to 4x4 and having more of what I like which is a lot less electrical BS

I almost bought an IDI already converted, it was too rough, looking back I probably should have
as while I have many of the parts I still don’t have an axle under the front yet

yeah, I actually have an appreciation for that now


I love the cold, hate the heat, only allowed to take off so many cloths before it’s an issue.
Cold keeps the riff raff out, you ain’t living in NW Iowa in the winter and not paying a utility bill, and if you are doing it on your own we are proud to have you!
I relish those 25 below days that I can take out the newer rifles and test how they run in the cold, never a crowd at the range…


After 30+ years of living in the blast furnace of AZ I really enjoy the cooler weather. Of course, we never get much below 30, and no snow to deal with, so there’s that. The part I hate about winter down here is that our entire state gets taken over by disrespectful rich A-holes that literally take over the entire state. You can’t go hunting, camping, or shooting without running into hundreds of pricks tearing up the desert in their side by sides and camping in their RVs in every single nook and cranny they can find. Every single store I go to is packed with cars with out of state plates from up north. If they were polite and considerate it would be inconvenient, but most of these guys are absolute jerks that act like they own everything…so while I love the cooler weather, these jerkoffs ruin my enjoyment of it.


I like the change of seasonsfall and spring are my best times of year then winter and summer is last with heat comes bugs and I hate skeeters and ticks and chiggers!And cutting the fing grass every week !


Where I live you have to accept it because winter is Montana’s true nature and summer is just when she puts her makeup on. It’s been between 10 and -10 for the past number of days, and I’m starting to think summer might be just about over.


I took the photo above just now. This was Thanksgiving day, high of 8.


Humidity and cold aren’t mutually exclusive. Growing up in the NE I can say with utmost certainty that a mixture of cold and humidity is the real killer. Walking around at 38 degrees in NYC is far more brutal than the same temperature on a northern California ski slope. Just as you sweat your butt off through Florida summers while not getting remotely moist in Arizona, humidity has a similar multiplying effect in cold climates. I’ve hammock camped in the mountains with 3 feet of snow on the ground at or below freezing temps. It drops below 40 when I’m in the NYC metro area and I bundled up for an arctic expedition.

Gotta plug that baby in(if it has a block heater) and add an oil pan heater.

Is it puffing white smoke when you start it cold? Sure sign of a dead cylinder from a bad glow plug. They’re easy enough to test though, just need a DVOM set to measure resistance(2-4 Ohm). If those 7.3’s are Powerstrokes I feel bad for you if they ever need plugs(wiring is built into the valve cover gaskets and is a source of trouble all its own.

I’d love to find a clean E2-350 with an IDI. They’re nowhere near the power of the later Powerstrokes but, if well maintained, run damned near forever. They can also get great mileage(seen 18+) if the van has 3.54’s in the rear.


Looks beautiful where you live. I would tolerate the cold for that nice view. :+1:


03 5.9 CFI starts in COLD weather. Used the heater once in Maine when it was a high of 5 and a low of -18. Still started. No glow plugs. Cummins uses a fuel and air preheater and the engine starts pretty good. Wouldn’t know if it rattles and clacks more 'cause it always does that.


Well that sounds sweet


Common rail 5.9’s are certainly better at cold starts than the old 12v or even the 98-02 ISB were just as the Direct injection 7.3 Powerstroke was better than the IDI in that regard. The real issue is the oil. There’s a lot of it and it needs to make its way through a rather large engine. That’s tough when it’s cold. Block heaters ease starting and pan heaters increase longevity.


I’d love to be there. Cannot wait for my wife and I to move to ID. Gonna love us some snow!


Yeah? You’ll probably like Idaho a lot. The snow there is quite a bit wetter than our snow though… a bit heavier in the shovel…

Where are you moving from?


time to go play!