Do you think this judge should be a judge?


And… how long before these nut cases can get completely cleared by placing the responsibility for their actions onto the voices in their heads?


I bought ammo but no magazines at academy yesterday. I was not asked for my state of residence. What is the reason the store should ask for ID for someone of age who is buying ammo and legal, in Texas, magazines?
Are gas stations in Texas responsible for out of state cars that buy gas not legal in their home state?


This is a judge in Texas?
I guess anybody can sue anybody. But there is no way the store should lose this. They’re a store, not a law enforcement entity for a different state or frickin’ mind readers. When and if the store wins the families that file the lawsuit should have to pay the stores legal fees and court costs.


@ArmedEyeDoc I don’t think its as much the ammo bought but the magazine. Since it illegal to own in the state of residence of shooter


Well what did he actually buy there? The article (too short to really be called an article) is confusing and suggests the reason for the suit is that they sold him (what Colorado considers) a high capacity mag. And I don’t see how the store should have to grill him for ID for a non FFL part.


Sorry, here is the actual article.

The issue here is that they are basically saying that a dealer in every state must know the messed up regulations of every other state. Because, you know… the 2nd amendment is the only amendment states get to mess with as much they want…


They can try that but it’s stupid. And even if they did know the regs in each state, it’s not on them to interrogate a customer. And even if they only sold him a micro capacity mag they can’t possibly be liable for what he does later.

Just stupid and aggravating.

Can anyone say… Too much government.


I’m of two minds on your point
As a constituanalit it’s the supreme law of the land and is not to be Interpreted
Shall not be infringed speaks for itself

But I’m todays climate I would be wary of state laws not that I would abide by them all the time
But to judge the character of the person involved

For example
You build beautiful pistols and are not afraid to share your knowledge with others willing to pay attention
But that place you live has taken that from you
And that’s a travesty
We all have our reasons for doing what we do
I for one am upset because you are shackled


Texas was lost long ago, the state is going left and the pride of texans is causing them to be blind to that. In 5 years texas will be the new California.images


I could be wrong, but I thought it said the AR he bought came with a “high cap” mag that’s ilegal to own in CO, his state of residence according to the ID he was supposed to present when he bought the AR.

Regardless, I disagree with the judge’s ruling. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets overturned on appeal, but I admit I’m not a Constitutional lawyer.


that fact would only be valid if the shooting happened in CO, but it happened in TX.


didn’t read that part….just weird


I go to the store and provide the legal requirement for ID for that state - but my current ID is a non-resident. And all I have to say is just moved here - pretty sure you have 6 months to transfer ID once you changed residence. I am not to sure if there is any requirement in TX to produce ID to purchase accessories. I know where I live (and we do have some stupid strict regulations,there is no requirement to show ID when buying mags. No where in the Reader’s Digest version of Texas State law say you have to produce ID, you just have to be over 18 and a resident to purchase a rifle.


This is about 33% of the reason why we are leaving. Fuck this place. Oh and Texas is the number one destination of Commiefornians every year. If Abbot loses to a Democrat in the next governor race Texas is lost forever. The far left are purposely engineering their followers to infiltrate red states. Who would of thought 10-15 years ago Texas would even be in this situation. It’s the last place I would of expected to turn blue.


is it legal for an out of state resident to buy and take delivery directly from the FFL of another state?

Colorado resident buys gun in TX and takes delivery in TX - is this even legal?

I once was at a gun shop outside of Florida (my home state) and asked them if I could buy a gun from them. They said “yes” but that they would have to deliver the gun to an FFL in my home state - from which I could take delivery. So, maybe the TX FFL made a mistake and now, the victims are going after them?


long guns

hand guns


Legislation from the Bench.
Clearly a violation of why our forefathers wrote the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
Also why there are three branches for checks and balance.
The Judicial system is corrupt and has clearly forgotten (or Ignored) why they exist.