Do you understand ballistics?


If you stand on a platform and hold a gun exactly 16.087’ above, and parallel to the ground, and the ground is flat and level as far as the eye can see. You now shoot a 150gr 6.5mm bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000fps. How long will it take for that bullet to hit the ground?

  • half a second
  • One second
  • One and a half seconds
  • Two seconds

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Where are the crayons? I need them for this math stuff.


I don’t know ballistic math like that so I chose what made sense.


hmmm…is this a # of feathers vs a # of bricks all over again? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I knew what variable I needed to find but did not remember exactly how to find it. I looked it up after I made my guess to see if I was correct. I was not. :sob:


The exact reason why my dumbass bought a BDC scope!


LOL. I’m getting the same results on Twitter.


Gravity be gravity.


You should see the people over thinking it on twitter. What’s the air density, what’s the BC of the bullet, on and on.


gravity is 32ft per second squared…


Sooooooo, did I get it right?


Looking at the results, only 27% are right.


Damn. Here I am thinking 9.8f/s^2, when it’s 9.8m/s^2.


It seems somewhere in the dark recesses of my pea brain is the notion of -
A bullet dropped by the shooter equals the flight time of that same bullet to target.
Yes, No?


True except for the “to target” part. Gravity affects the bullet as soon as it leaves the barrel. So a bullet dropped from the same height at the same time the other leaves the barrel will hit the ground at the same time.

The 32”/s squared is acceleration not velocity. So with an initial velocity of zero the bullet will drop roughly 16 feet in the first second.


To be exact, the distance fallen is 16.087 feet, or, 16’ 1.044"


LOL. Another assumption is we’re on earth right?


Not to mention the trajectory if the shooter jumps into the air as the trigger is pulled.
Or if the shooter is running along the top of a speeding train.
At an angle of 12 degrees to the target.
Or…, now my brain is getting tired.