Do your rifles keep tipping over in your safe?


How annoying is that? You place the gun in the safe and it flops over. You put it back and it stays, only to fall over next time you open the door. If only there was a way to hold the gun in place without getting in the way if you should need to grab it fast.


…or just buy more guns and pack it tight. :wink: :+1:



packing them in too tight - scratches!

I have had a few rifles and shotguns all get scratched from being packed too tightly together. How about putting spacers between them and something to help keep them in place on the floor of the safe?


That’s pretty smart there. I run most of mine in gun socks to keep from unnecessary scratches and that little added bulk sometimes doesn’t allow the gun to stay where I set it. I may have to try this!


Yep all in socks.
The hair ties are a great idea