Does Colt really hate citizens?

The left coast states perfected the cheat, now it is The lefts SOP.


As you said it’s corrupt. Corruption is just another cost. The ‘Vig’ is priced in.

“America isn’t a country, it’s a business. Now fuckin’ pay me.”- Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt in ‘Killing Them Softly’)

In business you need to weigh everything. Likely winners and losers, then cover bases. As an international business which side would you say is likely to win? Red or Blue? Now game it out. If Blue wins you have a seat at the table. If Red wins you still have a seat at the table. Least ways that’s how I think they gamed it out.


The idea of the US being a corporate entity is not new to me, but that quote is…

America is the first name of the man credited for finding it, the etymology is

The man’s name Amerigo is Germanic, said to derive from Gothic Amalrich, literally “work-ruler.”

Ironic if you entertain the United States of Work Ruler… fits a business well

But why a first name rather than surname?

Which I did not find much about, though…

??? What that mean?


The ‘Vig’ = The ‘Juice’. Short for Vigorish.

The middleman, bookie, or loan shark’s cut for funding, or ‘juicing’ a deal to make it happen.


I have only owned one Colt and that is my 9mm Gold Cup 1911. It’s probably the only one I will ever own because all the Colts I’m interested in are too pricey for me to safely look at without the wife honing in on my computer activity. I will say I absolutely love the gun itself even if my thoughts about the company are sort of “indifferent.”

I can understand them cutting off a particular rifle from civilian use if they are filling a government contract. Money talks, BS walks and government contracts are where the big bucks are made for a gun company. Fill that first and fast THEN release it to the civilian population.

As for the Bible verses, it doesn’t phase me one way or the other. I’m a devout agnostic so I really don’t care what people’s religious views are.

Their location is where they’ve always been (aside form an early stint in New Jersey). They didn’t change. The state did. It’s easy to say move operations out of state but you have to consider the number of people that are now out of a job because the company relocated. Not to mention the cost factor to the company. If it were my company, I’d be lobbying a little harder with my state reps, senators and governors. Still costs money but cheaper than moving my whole facility.

Now being owed by CZ… That I feel a little weird about. I’ve never been a fan of CZ. They just don’t “feel right” to me. I’m not in love with their aesthetics either. Plus, you have a traditionally American company being bought out by a foreign entity. Not loving that.

Just my random thoughts as I recover from turkey hangover.


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