Does Full30 Support Antifa?


I was hoping to get a statement regarding Ian from Forgotten Weapons. But the contact page is broken. Asking here instead. Why does Full30 allow videos from someone who supports Antifa and trains them to shoot cops? Does that align with your companies goals? Do you support his position? Thanks.


This would be a great question for @TomFull30. Full30, and if I had to guess what they would say is this is a place for 2nd amendment, hunting, and champing videos. To the best of my knowledge Ian of forgotten weapons has never gotten political in his videos. From what I have seen he talks about the history of firearms and not politics. The second amendment doesn’t see left or right politically speaking. The 2nd amendment is a Right for the Citizens of this Country.
I have trained people how to use there firearms more proficiently, and never once got into a political discussion with any one of them. I do not speak for Full30 but I’m guessing that if there was any evidence of anything illegal on or in the videos they would be agents it. I wish we could all just in joy this Memorial Day, and not divide the pro 2nd amendment supporters. Do you think that this website supports illegal activities? I don’t think it does. Have a happy Memorial Day dave.


What little I have read about Ian it seems he is a bit of a sarcastic person when he is asked about something that he sees as none of your business.


weren’t most of our fathers/grandfathers and great grandfathers antifas?
And as I recall pretty well every “militia” and or conspiracy prepper are all training to kill cops.


The response sounds sarcastic to me. I have not seen any pro antifa crap on full 30 and would hope it would stay that way.


No, they were not SJWs. Antifa is a bunch of anti-American skinny jean wearing gender confused punks.


Simple sarcasm. I’m anti-fascist. That’s why I’m anti-antifa antics.


Do you wear tighter skinny jeans then them?


:smile: My ass couldn’t squeeze into that $hit if I tried.


Ian is very weird…when you put yourself out there you also open yourself up to questions about who you are…a no reply is the best way to handle something you feel is no one’s business…Hickok45 smokes dope, but rather than question him, I just don’t watch his videos…his son must smoke a lot because he can hardly speak a sentence, his videos really suck…


I dont care for his videos either.


It would be best that any self respecting gun site to stay away from Antifa related people. And as far as Hickok45 smoking dope isn’t a very intelligent statement. Could be seen as a defamatory statement. just saying.


Hickok45 If I have 20 min. and NutNfancy If I have an hour. I dont care what they do in their personal time. Good solid content.


Yuck, nut fancy is pretty horrible too.


MAC and Garandthumb are the only ones I really care for.


yep Dave is our jack wagon of the week!


Leave Dave alone, Dave Lives Matter.


I love political and religious discussions, they’re basically the STDs of the internet. Anyways,I like your posts so far. Hopefully you stick around a bit.


I’m not going anywhere i am very much enjoying full30 so far.


@jf89 Nutnfancy is experianced and has some good Input. His voice drives me to the nuthouse… but If I want to see all the info about a rifle I’d like to adopt, thats my goto. I wish he would edit more because he gets off topic alot making the videos long… but like I said, all the info is in there. I think Its because most of the rifles Im interested In, he reviews.