Well, I’m not dead yet.


It is good to see more authors representing the decision making process, and the importance of training follow-through, rather than the usual funnel for a specific training outfit. ($$$) Great thread!


Huh! Who’d a thunk it… you mean you cannot spend your way into a lean mean top tier fighting machine? Use your brain and train? But, but, but what about all those other articles out there? The ones that say you have to have the latest greatest tacti-cool stuff to be any good with a gun & protect yourself? You don’t think they’re just paid advertisement articles and reviews, do you?:joy::rofl:
Have to laugh sometimes. it’s just that sad. A lot of the articles that I read push for all these product sales and very rarely mentioned critical thinking or practice.


Are you sure? Is there a flask of single malt in your afternoon EDC?


An excellent topic to ponder.
In addition to equipment choices, there’s also the necessity to train effectively within the limitations of the chosen gear.
And that method of practice will vary widely with every choice of equipment.
For example the usual double tap approach with a centerfire should be substituted with multiple rapid fire from a rimfire for an equivalent effect.
Every choice of weapon has its advantages and disadvantages and must be used accordingly.
Just a thought.


I’m with ThisOldGun: It’s working so far.

Though I haven’t actually killed anyone yet.


There would be if I drank!