Does the Second Amendment apply outside your home?



Absolutely batshit crazy. They swear an other to uphold the Constitution and they instead rape it to suit their agendas. They should all be fired, thrown in jail for 90 days in general lockup and be barred from public and legal service for the rest of their lives.


Or drop them in the middle of Chicago gang banger territory and make them walk out. See how they feel about the right to carry then.

We had a case in San Diego similar to this where the case was eventually overturned and then overturned again. The lower court ruled that the right to carry does extend beyond your front door and then the 9th circuit overturned it.


I don’t believe you will ever change the view of the anti gun politicians! They have paid armed security so it doesn’t affect them when they make asinine laws! Pitchfork and Torches by the masses is the only way they’ll ever understand


Well, SCOTUS already ruled on this putting the debate to bed.


My home is the USA, so…