Does this sound feasible

So I have been watching what is happening and here is what I see as the DSA/dnc scenario that will play out in November. This is a long read but think about what is at stake in this.
NY and CA are issuing illegal aliens drivers licenses without any proof of citizenship or residency. They are also using those driver’s licenses for proof of voting rights.
Straight off the NY voter registration site:
"To register you will need

  • your New York State DMV issued driver license, permit or Non-Driver ID
    • it must be your most recently issued document - you will need the ID Number and document number (See Sample Documents)
  • the ZIP Code currently on record with the DMV
  • the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)"
    From the CA site:

How do you register to vote by the deadline?

  • Go to online voter registration to complete an application, or
  • Pick up a paper voter registration application at any Department of Motor Vehicles field office, and many post offices, public libraries, and government offices, or request one from your county elections office. To receive a voter registration application by mail from the Secretary of State, call the toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).

How will I identify myself when registering to vote?

The voter registration application asks for your driver license or California identification card number, or you can use the last four numbers on your Social Security card. If you do not have a driver license, California identification card or Social Security card, you may leave that space blank. Your county elections official will assign a number to you that will be used to identify you as a voter.

Citizens who conditionally register to vote

After a voter registration deadline has passed, in most elections, you can visit your county elections office, a vote center, or a satellite office designated by your county elections official to conditionally register to vote and vote a provisional ballot. Once your county elections official processes your affidavit of registration, determines your eligibility to register, and validates your information, your registration becomes permanent and your provisional ballot will be counted. For more information, please refer to Conditional Voter Registration.

The link above is broken Hmm, accidental or ???
So it is clear that it would not take a criminal mastermind to get MILLIONS of illegals on the voting roles even though they have no right to vote.
Next there has been enough evidence of mail in voter problems to justify grave concern as the accuracy of any election in which a substantial number of votes are by mail in ballot.
Read this for an eye opening revelation:

With these two “features” in place anybody with a fifth grade education can see that the DSA/dnc is setting up to steal our election and our nation. If you have a differing opinion let me know but to be honest with all the talk from the DSA/dnc about President Trump doing voter fraud you can bet you bottom dollar that that is EXACTLY what he DSA/dnc is going to do. I have said it a million times if I said it once: If you want to know what the socioicommunists of the DSA/dnc are up to just look at what they are accusing everybody else of and you will have your answer. This election is going to be a bloody mess no matter what happens but in lieu of these facts there is most likely to be a lot more blood than anybody really wants.
Remember back in January when people were saying “Oh that’s horrible what’s happening ion VA.” And I said then that if they got away with that, and they did, that much worse would be coming down the pike, and it would not just be gun control, well it has. We had better understand that this election or facsimile there of WILL determine if we remain a free and sovereign people and nation, or if we get handed over to the global elitist socicommunists and become slaves, you know just like the “free” people of China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and on and on add nauseum. The death for our nation is at the door, will we open it and let it in, or will we finally realize that this is the SHTF moment that everybody has been talking about?

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!! An they will prove it in November.


As a Californian, that sounds plausible.

They verify our identity more when we buy ammo than they do when we vote. My old driver’s license was not enough to buy ammo after they started issuing them to noncitizens, so I had to upgrade it to a federal ID with a special bear logo in the corner before FFLs would accept it. When I vote, I just say my name and they check me off a list without IDing me.


Been there since 2016 brother… Apathy has set in and people are going to hide and watch it burn hoping it doesn’t spread to their front porch. Fear is controlling the Patriot spirit. Even those who express initial interest quickly become inactive for fear of being imprisoned or loosing their employment due to the power the left wields, It continues to grow daily and our apathy gives them strength.

Who knows how many lives will be lost and years must pass before the Patriot awakens again. But, as for me I will continue to resist until I no longer have air in my lungs.


The rats vote fraud plan is in FULL swing.

DO NOT doubt that for 1 minute.




Yeah that turned out well.

Instead of 1 tyrant 3000 miles away, we have 3000 tyrants 1 mile away