DOJ rules bumpstocks are machine guns.



Corrected…not official yet. But soon to come.

Then rubber bands, belt loops, and freaky fast fingers…Miculek, they’re coming for you next.


I’m surprised this is still on YT.


They can’t even get the correction right, this is not law, congress makes law, this is regulation, much easier to end around if the will can be found.


This is crazy… not sure what this will end up being. Will they suddenly have to register them? Destroy them? Will people suddenly become felons?
I have my popcorn…


Are they going to come cut off (confiscate) our fingers next? Because you can “bump fire” literally with your finger or frankly any other object that will fit in to the trigger guard. And not even just on ARs either.

This whole thing is the worst kind of stupid and cost an entire company (slidefire) and its employees their livelihood. I think I can speak for all of us here when I say fuck whom all is responsible for this. That being pretty much most Americans and almost all Politicians.



Jumping the border is illegal too.


Sure is… but they praise you and say how brave you are if you are an illegal and jump the border. Suits their agenda.
They want the population of the USA disarmed. So we can be just like England and have the chance of being arrested for a meme and being stabbed to death with a whisk…
All while they clap their hands as the horde of immigrants flood their country and Europe…


Remember this country was born from revolution.
But on the subject of bump stocks, I always figured trying to rely on gadgets instead of developing skill was counter productive.
Gadgets can fail and fall victim to the whims and ignorance of politicians and regulators.
Skill is permanent.
Just a couple of thoughts.