Don’t forget to practice CCW draws in winter clothes

If you’re anything like me, it’s fun to practice what you’re good at. I’m pretty good at a standard CCW draw in my standard Central Texas clothing: a tshirt. It’s fun to crank out a sub second draw.

But as we get into the cold of winter, our clothing changes. Down south, we tend to wear a light jacket. Further north the clothing gets thicker. This means our conceal carry draws are different to adapt to these different bits of clothing.

So don’t forget to practice your CCW draw with these changes in your wardrobe.

Also, know how fast your draw is. Does your 1.2 second draw turn into a 2 second draw? If it does, then this means your window of opportunity for a counter ambush gets larger - in a bad way.

Here I am working on my draw in Texas winter carry.

Keep training!



I’m sorry. I’m laughing at your “winter” attire.

But seriously, thanks for the reminder.


I’m a Texan. You know it is cold when I break out my jacket. And by cold, I mean down into the 50s.


Flew out to SD for a friends wedding a few years ago. When his father found out the wedding was in October he joked “October? You mean I’ll have to wear long pants???”. My return to the north east was punctuated by 9" of snow when walking out of the airport.

Good point on the ‘winter carry’ draw advice though.


I had an October wedding outdoors. I wish I coulda been wearing shorts. lol

I like not having to deal with 9 inches of snow.


That’s why I carry off body. My draw is the same if I’m wearing a parka or sandals and shorts. Plus I don’t need to be concerned about dressing for 50° and having it climb to 80° and there I am stuck with far too much clothing and sweating my bag off.

Good point though.


Please don’t off body carry. People get off body carry guns stolen and your draw time will be very inconsistent unless you have your bag in the same spot every second you are out of the house. You also have no hope of getting to it when in any sort of hands on altercation.

People have also done some fairly scientific testing on off body carry and it is definitively slower than on body.


Same here, it was 29. He’d shit himself if he lived up north where it was bad cold and tried to pull a holstered waistline gun out of all those clothes. :rofl:


Or I’d not be an idiot and I would train for the new environment.


No offense Dude, well actually I don’t care if it offends you, but reading your post of I am the baddest mofo with a gun to walk on the planet post, you sound a whole lot like those keyboard commandos on a couple of those ar15 sites.


Far from it. I have a long ways to go to meet my skill goals. If you had read my Instagram post, you’d see me acknowledge shortcomings in my draw, pointing out areas where I need to improve.

But if one forum thread is all you use to judge a person to that extent and talk down on them for it - then I guess I can’t change your mind. I don’t exactly care what your opinion is.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’d recommend holding back from the urge to smack him, truth is, we need more people like him, he trains hard and has the kind of talent that you want in the trenches with you,

So, the more you can support him, the more he can strengthen others,

And remember, arrogance and other perceptions that come across on a screen do not necessarily reflect the values someone holds, even in person you can take people wrong.

And Brian, how often do you get confronted like this and would you soften how you come across if it were laid out for you how you do it?


I will say no more, I have a bad habit of saying what I think. but the problem is if you have multiple layers of clothing on to protect from the bitter cold in some places, an inside the waistband is not the way to go. fast draw times are impossible. I understand practice will make you better but to move a few layers of clothing to get at a gun will be slower. I will shut up now.


Top speed draws in cold weather gear certainly aren’t possible. But you can still be reasonably quick if you set up your gear and wardrobe correctly.

Maybe I should make a video on (actual) cold weather wear with thick jackets.


yeah, we may actually need more of that,

in this politically correct society with all the hurt feeler police ready to stuff and cuff we
miss opportunity’s,

this instance, if you tell Brian he has personality type A and all along he thought he had type B


he listens and grows into type C

well then we have a more complete alphabet and you have a new friend for your honesty and boldness


I could be wrong, he may be a dick :shitfan:

iron sharpens iron


Eexxxcuuuuussseeeee meeeee.

I identify as a Type J.

How dare you mis-type-ify me!


If your temps are only in the low 50’s, you’re gonna need someone from up north to send you a jacket like they have to wear. :rofl: we people down south haven’t a clue what cold weather is.


I’ve visited up north. I have some heavier jackets, including ski jackets.

I’m starting to like the idea of this video more and more. If I have time, I’ll try and put one together.


Great, a Pontiac

LOL, in S FL 50 is a killer, wicked cold

Good, mention the great forum members when you do, please, we need producers to help with out numbers :slightly_smiling_face:


Can do.

Or rather, I will try to. Not sure if I have the time to make the video until after the holidays, but I’m gonna try.