Don't like the NRA? Neither does Los Angeles


Listen to this BS


What of you don’t like the NRA, and Los Angeles?

What business is it of the city to know what other businesses you support?

This is absolutely ridiculous!





Then you have two enemies rather than one,

History lesson



Peace be with you.


@Robert (et al)

Wow! That really is insanity!

And the city government expects people to actually comply with this disclosure requirement?


I was thinking about posting about that as well.
Kind of backs up my point about why I will not cancel my NRA membership.

As long as NRA is perceived as the enemy by the leftists they are a friend.


Amen brother. I don’t always agree with the NRA, but they still have the most influence in D.C. Without them, we would have lost our 2A rights decades ago, so it’s troubling to see so many people cancelling their memberships. Every cancelled membership is a gift to the anti-gunners.


I had been joining various groups and representing FULL30,
IMO we are going to get whats coming to us, all we do is give gifts…

I’ve been tempted to start announcing and posting the dissent of those who do not believe
in firearms unity, in other words, the hypocrisy.

There are very big names, individuals and groups, THAT HAVE THE POWER to voice a message of unity for the purpose of preserving all of our individual rights and they do not.

Just the opposite, they tie their own rope, they build our collective gallows.



Well said @Robert

Division = weakness…and the anti-gunners will certainly exploit it.


Sadly, most of our population do not recognize the 2nd Amendment and what it provides to all citizens. Those who do, may not pay attention to how basic, fundamental the 2nd is endangered by leftists, socialists and democrats. The left is not satisfied with eroding the 2nd, they want to throw it out completely. Very dangerous ideas


And once these libtards & idiot college kids supporting/protesting for these ideas realize it was a bad idea, it’ll be too fuc%ing late & we’ll all be screwed!!!


Well said. A difficult effort is required to offset their lack of vision and understanding. It then falls to us to protect their rights and ours for the future. Thanks.


I believe it to be very interesting that the NRA wanted more regulations on bump stocks.

In almost the same breath they claim to be fighting for the second amendment.

… so your fighting for my rights, but you want them regulated on the specific amendment that states “shall not be infringed”. I guess the the question on everyone’s mind is : is a regulation an infringement? The answer is yes it is.

The last irony of the day is this picture.

I believe Benjamin Franklin stated it best. “ those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin.


Well done sir!!!



Just to be clear… i don’t support everything the NRA does. But an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Just saw another instagram post from NRA in 7 slides.



Try to remember that the people who like guns are not the same as the gun rights people. Obama shot guns, Hittler shot guns, etc,etc.


is fear mongering part of the NRA’s business model, for sure it is.
is the NRA the strongest Gun Rights Lobby (with rights being a loose term), yes it is
But above all the Gun Community is more than willing to eats it own to supports it’s own agenda.

the NRA is a Creation of it’s own being and had/has enormous sway and power, it also a very hungry beast with it’s own agenda of survival. But it is one that spans the interests of all 50 States and in fact the one uniting force for gun rights. And once it realise (or it’s membership changes it’s agenda) that it is in it’s best interest to be more pro-right the gun community will remain divided amd only worried about it’s agenda…


Wonder why we can’t form our own affiliation for gun rights, I agree band together but what’s stopping people from making another organization…hmmm, let’s call it Full30 FA…or FFA for short!!