Don't Limit FULL30 to gun videos


A general alternative to YouTube is badly needed


Personally, I feel like this is perfect. Including other categories would be great, stuff like politics, outdoors, hunting, survivalism, etc. etc., all that would be perfect. I think exclusively firearms content attracts an audience a little to niche for what they’re trying to achieve.


Going to bring my homesteading videos here. Sure we do firearms as well but lots of homesteading and off grid living topics. Youtube basically locked my channel for 2 months and I quit. They eventually unlocked me and I posted a farewell video. Haven’t posted since.


To be honest, i feel like there shouldn’t be a restriction on what content i should be able to upload*1,
Thats what got people to make this site in the first place.
I love watching hickok45 taofledermaus iraqveteran but i don’t make this kind of content but i really enjoy watching it.
Thats something youtube used to do where i can go from a art video to a video game video to a engineering video to iraqveteran talking about his fugly mosin.
This site is in its baby steps and its def ok to expand gradually but i feel like, if it wants to grow big it should expand into all categories.
As crude (or not) as this might come over, a very large portion of people that are subbed to hickok probably aren’t die hard adventurous outdoorsy people, but rather people that do like guns but wouldn’t ever have searched for any gun related videos.

*1 ofcourse excluding really graphic things or pornographic material, they have their own sites

footnote here real quick, i don’t know kinds of content this site currently supports.
If someone here replies and wants a reply back but that doesn’t happen… i totally forgot about this post, heh
anyway i do really like the idea of a site to rise up and brings back freedom in what content creators want to create.
Freedom to create whatever your heart desires freedom shoot guns, express yourself in your own words and what not.

ps. before anyone comes and gives me a hard time on spelling, please don’t as its not my primary language (i’m from belgium) peace


LOL, you spell better than half the knuckleheads graduating from high school.


Fine as long as it doesn’t end up with videos of porn or uploads of copyrighted movie content. Creators needs to be screened and kept into a related genre. I’m a homesteading channel that is biting at the bit to get into full30. We carry guns every day and make gun videos but the general theme is homesteading.


I mean, do we really want people uploading videos of transgender makeup artist at full30?


I’m also into off the grid living, I actually live in my van down by the river, that’s far enough off the grid for me, I’m also a bicycle mechanic that builds bikes with preppers in mind. I plan on posting my videos on bicycle repair, van dwelling, shooting my guns, and looking for junk with my metal detector.

I like the idea of seeing a Forgotten Weapons video, a cat video, and 2 brits blabbing about a $5,000 custom carbon fiber road bicycle video in one place, my suggestion to make all sides happy is keep Full 30 more about guns, outdoors, prepping, off the grid living and the like, and after a while when things are more stable with full 30, branch out to another site that’s more like what youtube used to be before all the censorship, a site where the first amendment is priority.

Of course we need to keep the really bad stuff off of it, but that’s it.


The intent with Full30 is not to strictly limit to gun/ 2A content. The bigger goal for this platform is to be safe haven for, yes - firearms, but also hunting, fishing, extreme outdoor survival, MAYBE prepping (and the variants), as well as other outdoor related activities.

Rest assured we are going to keep a standard for the content being posted. So, the short answer is: not everyone will be invited to post here, but those accounts that get invited will be of a particular standard.