Don't Over Think - Focus on the fundamentals and you can halve your group sizes

Recently did a very thorough tightening of everything on my AR, which included re-mounting my scope. So I needed to hit the range and re-sight the sucker in.

First shot, I was 1.5 MIL off, so I clicked over, shot a group, and was close. Clicked back .2 MIL and shot another group. I grouped center around my point of aim, but the group was very large. I thought back on my shooting and realized I was way over thinking my shooting and taking things way too slow.

So I shot another group, trusted my shooting skills to work, and cranked through the shots at a steady pace. Didn’t rush, but I didn’t sit there and think about every component of a shot. I trusted my shooting fundamentals to do their thing.

As you can guess from the title, I halved the size of my group. Shot another group, did the same thing.

Trust Your Fundamentals

Shooting fundamentals work. They really do. All of the gimmicks of “advanced” shooting don’t mean anything without the fundamentals. Put 80% of your training into achieving good fundamentals, and you can handle just about every shooting situation thrown at you.


Good points. It doesn’t take much to be off a little.

The fundamentals are very important. What makes someone a pro is mastering the fundamentals. Each one is very important.

On another note. Was your rifle barrel clean when you started?

It’s very common for a clean barrel to shoot larger groups until you foul out the barrel. Once the barrel gets fouled a bit the groups will shrink. I’ve seen a clean barrel shoot 1moa and once it was foulded it was a 1/2 moa gun

I don’t clean my precision rifle barrel until it
Starts to shoot poorly. The copper deposits aka fouling is very important for the barrel. Internal ballistics is a tough thing to learn as it’s forever changing. It’s hard to predict

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No, it was a dirty rifle.

It all begins and end with the shooter. You can have a rifle with all the best stuff in and on it but if the shooter is crap, the groups will be crap. Garbage in, garbage out.