Don't put a 300 blackout in your 223



Oh yes…
I thought it couldn’t… until I just took the time and did it.
For this reason, I do NOT own any AR-15 in 300 blackout. I own a bolt gun only.


I’ve had many people tell me, no, you can’t chamber it, the 300 is larger than a .223. Believe me, the bolt will lock and it will fire.

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Great photo!!!


I let the bolt slam forward… it didnt quite lock up, so tapped the forward assist 3 times and it was seated. It only really took 2, but I hit it 3 times out of habit.


IMO, the 300 was a poor design. Making the round so the Ogive of each round lines up at the same point do to the shorter case on the 300 creates a dangerous situation. That’s why I did this video. It’s far too easy to mix up the mags. All my 300 mags have the rubber band on it and when I go to the range, those mags are kept totally separate from all the others in their own box. Don’t need half my face blown off.


I disagree

a .30 in an AR that uses the same mags, bolt etc,

beautiful !!


The AR mags can hold several different calibers, up to a .50 Beowulf. My point is the 300 can close the bolt on a .223, poor design.




So is this a bad overpass design?


Clearly it is.




I think the 300 Blackout is a fantastic caliber and its in the correct platform, the AR15!
Is it really that hard for people to make sure they’re putting the correct caliber in the corresponding firearm.
In my opinion those three rounds look nothing alike, I have no problem distinguishing between the three.


I agree, except to say they are brass and copper :sunglasses:


Have you been to a range? Man, the stuff I see would make your hair stand up. Several times I’ve had level 3 Kevlar on, and people look at me funny. I’ve looked down barrels far to many times, seem stupid people doing stupid stuff. Grabbing a mag off the table and slamming it in to your weapon is easy, no need to look. Watch me do fast mag changes. As I said in the video, mark the 300 mags, use a different size, 10 or 20 round, use a different color. What ever it takes. And never have both out at the same time. Stick a .223 in your 300, no big deal, it will go bang, and you will look like a fool, but still have a face. I like the 300 round, just not on the same table at the same time as .223.


When I picked up a 6.8 SPC I did so with a LWRC Six-8 the reason being is zero confusion.
I have people who bring in guns all the time that are really worried they fired;
40 our of a 45
9mm out of a 40
380 out of a 9mm
My own experience has proven this can happen. My son and I were at the range. Me with my Sig 229 in a 40,
My son with his Sig 226 in 9mm
He asked to shoot my pistol while I was screwing around with a rifle.
I heard a strange noise and he was looking a bit strange at my pistol. He has inadvertently grab one of his own mags and fired a 9mm out of my 40.
No big deal really… but! Holy smokes!
I have to get stuck cases out of firearms quite a bit. Sometimes… it’s stupid mistakes.
This is why I own a 300 Blackout in a bolt gun. If I need quiet, there you go.