Double Barreled AR - Silly or Useful?


Hello all,

So I just saw this on youtube:

My first thought is :rofl: that’s ridiculous. But I can kinda seem some merit in this idea. But then, I don’t own an AR-15 yet. As a result, this is just one of those things that looks neat to me. But, as a layman, I could just be seeing something that looks neat, but is actually nonsense.

So I wanted to get some opinions from folks who do actually own AR-15’s. And see if this is just as rediculous as it seems, or if they seem some uses for this.


Its a novelty but its cool. I would get a regular AR first, tbh.


Any weapon is useful, provided it works as advertised and the user is competent with it.


Well while that looks fun both barrels fire at once. Should be like a Pom Pom gun.


I dont think I could afford those.


Yeah probably. Can’t find any in the mil surp stores anyway.


At first I was like oh that sounds cool, then I saw it. Boring. It is just two ARs grafted together. Double the weight and add a splash of unwieldiness and you have that thing. I’m all for oddball stuff, but this was a bit disappointing. If it had been one trigger and a single unit my opinion would be different.

At least the double barrel 1911 has slightly more practicality. :wink:


As long as it runs reliably and is accurate I wouldn’t mind it for my collection!


Good topic Matt. I feel that the weight would off set it’s mobility. Now on the counter argument in a defense situation all you want is to put multiple rounds on target.
I most likely would pass on this even as cool as it is.


I agree with all of the above, looks like fun but I’ll pass on owning one.


Like 22 inch wheeels on hommies hooptie.


Is that your rig? Gotta say, I am a little surprised.


The 350 drives over those