Double handgun breakdown challenge


Can you break down your handguns one handed? How about blindfolded? How about two handguns, while blindfolded, at the same time?


Now that I can respect!


Yeah that was good, actually one handed, double handed, blindfolded, take-down assembly…

best part…perfect sound quality :upside_down_face:


Cool. I could probably do my Star BM one handed and blindfolded.

Not my Canik TP9 most likely. Too large and my arthritic hands may not have the dexterity to field strip it one handed. Maybe if I used the edge of a table…? I’d be worried I’d damage the front sight. Haha.

The Makarov? Yea probably not one handed and I wouldn’t try due to that ridiculously heavy recoil spring.

My 1873 SAA wheelgun clone? Yea probably.


I can do it with both hands and without the blindfold.