Doubles Drill - Improving Speed & Accuracy with a Handgun


Balancing accuracy and speed is absolutely critical for practical handgun shooters. It doesn’t matter if you’re training with your conceal carry pistol, or your competition pistol for USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun, or whatever else you’re interested in. There’s a common saying, speed is fine, but accuracy is final. But I like to add, accuracy without speed puts you in second place - you do not want to be in second place in a gunfight.

The Doubles Drill aims to teach shooters to balance speed and accuracy with their controlled pairs.

Learn more about the drill:


I have something to add to this excellent drill practice:
If anyone is having trouble with recoil, try this:
In addition to just relying on arms and grip strength for recoil control, add upper chest and shoulder muscles as further aids for recoil control.
Mike Seeklander has an excellent demonstration from his youtube channel:


If Mike Seeklander gives you advice on how to shoot a pistol - LISTEN.

Good addition @g.willikers