DoubleTap defense.


This neat little gun is small, and easy to conceal. However.


I have played with them… no thanks. Hahahhahhaa
Yeah, hurts like hell… :+1::grin:


Being only 7/8" wide is just too narrow. I could see it in a .380, perhaps even a 9mm. But only as a backup gun.


Yeah, I would much rather have a Beretta 21 or a derringer in 380 or 22 than that…
Remember when .357 mag in a derringer was all the craze?
I would much rather have a good blade than that thing. But that’s me. I have beat my hands enough already. Hahhahahha


My backup is a NAA .22 short. Gives me 5 rounds.


For me, I would take one of those. Now that is small.


I carry mine in my belt buckle.


I had a blade in a belt buckle for years. Ended up giving it away. I have thought about getting one with the folding grip, shove it into my front pocket. :grin:



I had one in 22 short that bounced off of a glass bottle. Since I’m not made of glass, I wouldn’t want to be shot with it but I got rid of it. It was one of the few firearms that I no longer have that I regret selling.